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Apple shares dipped Wednesday morning after the company issued a "disappointing" fourth quarter earnings report late Tuesday.

Although the company posted a record-high Q4 profit of $6.62 billion, Apple stock's earnings per share value of $7.05 fell below analysts projections of $7.25.

The miss was precipitated in part by Apple's and investors' exceedingly high expectations for the company, which hasn't missed an earnings projection since 2004.

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Type in "" and end up at

In a sly move, someone has snagged up the domain to "," an easy-to-make typo for Internet users trying to reach Herman Cain's own site, and set it to redirect to Paul's official campaign site. A TPM reader flagged the clever switch after being accidentally switched to Paul's site himself.

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The Republican National Committee is joining in with the right-wing bloggers who have sought to paint the Occupy Wall Street protesters as an anti-Semitic mob, condemning Democrats who it says "have spent the last week championing the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement, yet in the midst of protestors' extreme anti-Semitic, anti-Israel comments, they've been silent."

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Stephen Colbert loves the "action packed" 2012 Republican presidential primary. With so many characters and twists, "it's like a Mexican telenovela that wants to deport itself," he said Tuesday.

But all eyes have been on Herman Cain recently, as the former Godfathers Pizza CEO enjoys a surge in the polls. But Cain stumbled a bit recently when he claimed to "joke" about an electrified border fence that could kill illegal immigrants.

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In Tuesday's debate/shouting match, things took a turn for the personal when Rick Perry accused Mitt Romney of personally employing illegal immigrants.

"You stood here in front of the American people and did not tell the truth that you had illegals working on your property," Perry said. "And the newspaper came to you and brought it to your attention, and you still, a year later, had those individuals working for you."

So what was Perry referring to exactly?

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Jon Stewart on Tuesday set his sights on Republicans' calls for Americans to "take this country back." And what do you know? It's happening now in anti-Wall Street protests in lower Manhattan and elsewhere.

So an epic Daily Show mash-up of sound bites from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and others once calling for a popular uprising contrasted nicely with new cries of "class warfare" at President Obama and Occupy Wall Street protesters.

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Lest anyone think that businessman Herman Cain's jump in the polls is restricted to national polling driven by media hype, new data from NBC News and Marist shows Mr. Cain doing well in early primary states as well.

In two major surveys of South Carolina and Florida, two early states in the Republican primary process, businessman Herman Cain pulls major support from GOP voters. Cain is leading in the Palmetto State by four points and up by one in Florida among likely voters, making things very competitive for the frontrunner there former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney. In both polls Cain and Romney are battling for the top spot and Texas Gov. Rick Perry has fallen into the single digits. Perry had previously led both states, and was in front by more than twenty in South Carolina during late August.

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Rick Perry is planning to unveil a “flat tax” plan next week to replace the federal tax code, Politico’s Alexander Burns reports. Perry told a Las Vegas crowd on Wednesday that his plan starts with “scrapping the three million words of the current tax code, starting over with something simpler…”

Perry didn’t offer specific details in remarks, Politico reports.

As computers, databases and networks come to intermediate almost every aspect of modern human life, the volume of electronic breadcrumbs generated from our daily activities and transactions has exploded. Academic researchers, marketers, governments, and social scientists are all clamoring to record, save and crunch all that information to gain new insights in order to move society, as well as their own interests, forward.

The big questions: How should they responsibly handle it all, and how can they intelligently interpret what they find?

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