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Republicans weren't exactly fans of Bill Clinton back when he was president, but Karl Rove-founded conservative group Crossroads GPS is running a new ad lamenting that President Obama isn't more like him.

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Herman Cain generated more than a little mockery at his Tuesday press conference when he gave the public a lesson about the danger of female-on-male sexual harassment. But it turns out he might be onto something.

"And I might add, it's not just men who potentially sexually harass women," he said. "I've also seen situations where women have attempted to sexually harass men. It's very serious."

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While Occupy Wall Street protesters dig in and the public decries income inequality, Jon Stewart on Tuesday tried to unravel the government's complex relationship with the financial sector.

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Reuters reports that France and Germany are exploring the idea of a core euro zone: a smaller, more integrated group of countries.

The report is somewhat speculative, but it cites French President Nicolas Sarkozy saying a two-seed Europe is the only model for the future.

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Italy’s borrowing rate on Wednesday skyrocketed to a record 7 percent, but euro zone officials don’t have any plans for a financial rescue of the country, Reuters reports.

“Financial assistance is not in the cards,” one unnamed euro zone official said.

Sen. Lamar Alexander told Reuters that Republicans on the deficit super committee have to agree to more revenues — and democrats to more spending cuts — for a debt deal to be successfully reached.

“They’re at the point where there’s either about to be a big revelation or a big failure,” Alexander told Reuters.

The Obama re-election campaign launched a “GOP Debate Watch” website to fundraise off certain key terms they anticipate will be used at the Republican presidential debate tonight in Michigan.

People can pick a term — like “obamacare,” “repeal,” “class warfare” and others — and pledge a dollar amount every time a candidate uses those words.