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Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum will be on CBS' Face the Nation on Sunday. Santorum will also appear on Fox News Sunday, and Gingrich will be a guest on NBC’s Meet the Press. Rick Perry will appear on CNN’s State of the Union.

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A federal judge on Friday said that a cardiologist has sent her two letters saying former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has a life-threatening condition that will require surgery in February, the Associated Press reports.

Not surprisingly, third place New Hampshire finisher Jon Huntsman is having some trouble retaining campaign staff, reports Buzzfeed’s Zeke Miller:

Days after his third place finish in New Hampshire, some Huntsman for President staffers have already left the campaign, while others tell BuzzFeed they wish the former Utah governor would drop out so they could join Mitt Romney’s team.

Stephen Colbert is forming an exploratory committee for “the presidency of the United States of South Carolina,” and now the New York Times reports that he’s taking out ads in South Carolina. So far he is spending $7,600 on one television station in Charleston.

Well, this is odd. Rick Perry apparently tried to call on a mannequin during a question-and-answer session in Bluffton, S.C., reports the LA Times:

After Perry left, walking by a mannequin wearing a Squat N’ Gobble t-shirt whose hand was raised above her head – a hand Perry tried to call on during a question-and-answer period — a spirited political discussion broke out in the restaurant, with some patrons waving Nobama ’12 bumper stickers.

Update: National Journal’s Repecca Kaplan tweets that the press consensus is that Perry was joking:

Perry press corps consensus from re-watching the tape: he joked that the mannequin had her hand up in the back.

Newt Gingrich today addressed the Bain furor that has erupted over ads made by the Super PAC that supports him, Winning Our Future. The ads depict Mitt Romney’s time at the Bain Capital private equity firm in a deeply negative way; a way that some independent watchdogs have found inaccurate.

In a statement sent out by his campaign the candidate called on the group to edit its ads for those inaccuracies or to take them off the air. However, he noted that in doing this he was different from Mitt Romney who has so far held back from calling on his own supporters to edit potentially misleading material about Gingrich from their pro-Romney ads that focus on slamming Newt.

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Mike Huckabee insisted he was not criticizing John McCain when he suggested that the Arizona senator convinced Fred Thompson to remain in the 2008 presidential race to divide the Evangelical vote.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News, Huckabee said the remarks were intended as a “compliment,” as such a maneuver by McCain would have been “brilliant strategy.” The former Arkansas governor managed to sneak in a bit of snark though.

“If they weren’t smart enough to do it then I apologize for giving them the benefit of being that smart,” Huckabee said.