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Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens (R) died 15 months ago. Two-and-a-half-years earlier, the federal corruption case against him was dropped due to allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. Now Attorney General Eric Holder says DOJ's internal investigators are "in the last stages of their examination" of what went wrong in the case and that a multi-hundred page report is on its way.

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Pundits from all over the ideological spectrum have been bandying about some memorable lines concerning Gov. Rick Perry’s debate freeze last night. This morning, we are going to be collecting the best of them to share with you.

Mark McKinnon, an aide to former President George W. Bush thought the moment was an ominous sign for the Perry campaign, calling the moment the “human equivalent of shuttle Challenger.”

Eric Fehrnstrom, one of Mitt Romney’s senior advisers, offered the following Perry reaction to The Telegraph’s Toby Harnden:

“It reminds me of what Graham Greene said about Haiti under Papa Doc, ‘There's nothing I could say that could darken that moment’. The nominee of our party is going to have to have three high-profile debates with President Obama. Governor Romney is going to be prepared to take on that challenge. And to make the case for why Obama's economic policies have failed.”

Governor Rick Perry was all over the airwaves Thursday morning, pushing back at the growing meme that his gaffe in Wednesday night’s debate was a campaign-ender.

On a number of morning shows he repeated the line, “I sure stepped in it last night,” and attempted to shrug it off as a “human” moment.

Watch an example here:

James Murdoch, chief executive of News Corp’s European operations, is testifying before Parliament again today. He has been accused of misleading parliament during his earlier testimony in July. Murdoch, so far, maintains that he did not mislead the Parliamentary panel.

The Guardian has a live-blog and streaming video of the testimony here.

Lucas Papademos, former vice president of the European Central Bank, has been named prime minister of Greece, the BBC reports.

GOP Candidates gathered in the Motor City tonight for a debate focused on the economy. Engines roared as the candidates went bumper-to-bumper, but one candidate in particular suffered an embarassing stall...

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Rick Perry, already under widespread criticism for his listless debate performance, found a way to dig himself into a deeper hole on Wednesday night by forgetting which executive branch departments he would eliminate mid-answer. Even in a campaign loaded with cringe-worthy debate moments, this was easily the low point for any candidate.

The Texas governor drawled through his plan to cut three government agencies, but then stumbled and admitted that he couldn't recall which ones they were.

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