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Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who represented NY-9 for 18 years as a Congressman, told reporters on Wednesday that it would be wrong to take any national implications for 2012 from the GOP’s upset victory.

“The district is not a bellwether district, it’s one of the more conservative districts in New York City,” he said, noting that President Obama won only 55% of the vote in 2008, much less than neighboring districts and the city overall. He added that the demographics there had been trending away from Democrats for some time.

On September 11, a Muslim man going by the name "Tarek G." on Yelp ordered a burger from the Houston restaurant Petrol Station and received it in a "Happy September 11" box complete with an airplane crashing into one of the Twin Towers. Now that's personalized customer service.

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An article published Tuesday night by the Austin American-Statesman alleges that much of Texas first lady Anita Perry's $60k-a-year salary at a nonprofit comes indirectly from Gov. Perry's political donors, large state contractors, and companies with business before the state legislature. An investigation by the paper found that of the 37 major donors to the Texas Association Against Sexual Abuse during the first lady's tenure as a fundraiser for the organization "only three have no ties to the governor or state business."

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The 'Let him die' cheer from Monday night's Republican debate is not going away.

The progressive pro-health care reform group Protect Your Care promised to pressure Republicans over the memorable moment -- when members of the audience cheered on the idea of letting the uninsured die rather than provide them with government-funded care -- and on Wednesday they delivered.

The group has launched, a petition site based around debate moderator Wolf Blitzer's debate question that led to cheers. Going along with the site is a online ad campaign that features the face of the Republican candidates with "Would [NAME] Let An Uninsured Man Die?"

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Michelle Bachmann’s presidential campaign announced on Wednesday that the congresswoman will be appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno this Friday, September 16.  According to the press release, Rep. Bachmann will ‘share with Mr. Leno and his studio audience what life is like on the campaign trail, personal stories, and 2012 campaign plans.’

Grab your pj’s and break out the popcorn.  This could be fun…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The head of the World Bank said Wednesday the world had entered a new economic danger zone and that Europe, Japan and the United States all need to make hard decisions to avoid dragging down the global economy.

BOSTON (Reuters) – Attorneys for accused mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger, who spent 16 years on the run from authorities, were granted more time on Wednesday to sort through mountains of documents provided by prosecutors.

Political debates over deficits and debt are always marked by obfuscation and technicality. The numbers are huge and frightening, the terms obscure and technical, and the simple, fundamental point of the argument gets buried underneath this avalanche of panic and esoterica.

But for a brief moment Tuesday, under questioning from Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), Congress' top economic analyst made it perfectly clear to everybody who was listening.

"I think really the fundamental question for you is not how we got here, but where you want the country to go, what role do you and your colleagues want the government to play in the economy and the society?" said Doug Elmendorf, who heads the Congressional Budget Office. He was addressing the six Democrats and six Republicans on the new joint deficit committee, and for three hours he did his best not to get buried under the same avalanche.

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