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Voters in South Carolina could receive this robo-call from Louisiana gov. Bobby Jindal on behalf of Rick Perry. On the call, Jindal says:

Gov. Perry is a consistent conservative who will completely overhaul Washington... Rick Perry is not afraid to tell the truth about the danger our country is in. South Carolina can make sure we have a conservative nominee. I believe Rick Perry is the strong conservative we need.

South Carolina gov. Nikki Haley also recorded calls this month for her candidate of choice: Mitt Romney.

Ever since Newt Gingrich told Wolf Blitzer he would vote for President Obama over Ron Paul, all the candidates have been posed the same question. Rick Santorum responded thusly, via ABC News:

"I'd vote for anybody over Barack Obama," Santorum said after a town hall here when asked specifically if he could vote for Paul. "But I'd have a lot of heartburn on the national security issues with Ron Paul."

In a web video, the Romney campaign juxtaposes the promises Barack Obama made in Iowa 4 years ago with the reality of the economic situation today. Finally, footage of Obama speaking in Davenport, Iowa is replaced with footage of Romney in Davenport on Tuesday, saying:

He said he would repair the nation and repair the world. And then across the nation, he went on and promised that he would put Americans back to work. And then he closed his speech with these words: he says "This is our moment, this is our time."


The fall of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in Iowa has created an all out fight for the state between former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). A new CNN poll shows Romney leading the state by three points with 25 percent of likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers to Paul’s 22 percent.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who has campaigned in the state for months only to see little traction in public polls, surged to third place in the CNN numbers with 16 percent. Gingrich follows with 14, Texas Gov. Rick Perry with 11, and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) with nine. Former Ambassador and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman sees one percent.

Haaretz, a major liberal newspaper in Israel, reports:

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who is leading the polls in advance of next Tuesday’s Republican caucuses in Iowa, denies allegations that he has promoted anti-Semitism, saying that this would be “a betrayal of my own intellectual heritage.”

“Any kind of racism or anti-Semitism is incompatible with my philosophy,” Paul said in an interview with Haaretz, conducted by email. “Ludwig von Mises, the great economist whose writing helped inspire my political career, was a Jew who was forced to leave his native Austria to escape the Nazis. Mises wrote about the folly of seeing people as part of groups rather than as individuals,” Paul said.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a lot of problems on his plate right now, not the least of which are two ongoing investigations surrounding a Latino military veteran who died after a brief stay in his officers' custody.

So it begs the question: How could the Arizona sheriff find time to jet to Iowa this week for two days of campaigning on behalf of presidential hopeful Rick Perry?

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Newt Gingrich told CNN recently he wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul if Paul was the GOP nominee. Mitt Romney took the opposite tack when asked what he would do if Paul wins it all in the primary race, and accused Gingrich of flip-flopping.

“I’ve said, Speaker Gingrich has said, that anyone on the debate stage would be better than the incumbent,” Romney told reporters after an Iowa campaign stop. “I continue to say that.”

Romney noted he and Paul, the current frontrunner in Iowa polling, “disagree” on many topics. But Romney said that wouldn’t stop him from pulling the lever for Paul in a general election battle.

“Relative to President Obama I like Ron Paul,” Romney said.

It may surprise you, but there was a time Rick Perry was supposed to be the jobs candidate. Remember the Texas Miracle?

Anyway, those days are long gone. As the clock ticks down to the Iowa caucuses, Rick Perry has been leaning, hard, on the social stuff, leaving the Texas Miracle (as well as the talk about Social Security being a Ponzi scheme) in the dust.

In his latest grab for the social conservative voters that are so important in Iowa, Perry -- strictly pro-life for years -- found a way to move to the right on abortion.

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At a campaign stop in Iowa Wednesday, Mitt Romney reiterated his promise to cut the National Endowment for the Arts as well as PBS funding and other programs as part of his plan to balance the budget.

“No, we’re not going to kill Big Bird,” Romney, who said he personally “love[s]” PBS, told the town hall at a diner in Clinton, IA. “But Big Bird is going to have to have advertisements.”

At a townhall in Dubuque, Iowa, Santorum pledged that, as president, “I will never blame Barack Obama for the problems that we confront in my administration.” He continued that it looks weak on the part of the president to blame everyone else for your problems.