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Former President George W. Bush on Monday called his presidential library — slated to open in 2013 — an “exciting place,” the AP reports.

“The challenge is after you are president to make sure you are still constructive, that you add something to society,” Bush said. “I thought long and hard about how I wanted to do that.”

Two business magnates met in New York on Monday afternoon, as Herman Cain became the latest GOP candidate to press the flesh with Donald Trump.

A big special election happening Tuesday is headed down to the wire, according to a new survey from Public Policy Polling (D): The West Virginia gubernatorial race, where Democrats are in a tight spot to hold on to an office in a state that has been trending to the Republicans.

The numbers: Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin 47%, Republican businessman Bill Maloney 46%. The survey of likely voters was conducted from September 30 to October 2, and has a ±3.2% margin of error.

In the previous PPP survey from a month ago, Tomblin led by 46%-40%.

"Bill Maloney's biggest enemy at this point is time," writes PPP president Dean Debnam. "With the way this race has been headed you have to think Maloney would win if he had another month. But since he only has another day Tomblin may be able to narrowly hold on."

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Harvard law professor and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren has had a busy September. She officially declared her run for the US Senate in Massachusetts, and quickly jumped to the front of the field in the state's Democratic primary. A poll from Public Policy Polling (D) showed her instantly ahead, which may have panicked current Republican Senator Scott Brown. Now a second poll shows him up again, but by a statistically insignificant three points.

Brown registers 41 percent support against Warren's 38 in a head-to-head matchup in a new poll sponsored by the Boston Herald and UMass-Lowell. The data also broke down support by types of ideology: general, fiscal and social. The numbers show that Warren is already leading with self-described liberals and moderates in terms of general and fiscal ideology, while Brown leads among general and fiscal conservatives, along with social moderates.

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President Obama is tacking to the populist left heading into 2012 and his campaign is betting that independents and swing voters are ready to follow him. In a new strategy memo by press secretary Ben LaBolt, Obama's re-election team ripped into the GOP field as too conservative to win over the middle on issues ranging from taxes to immigration.

"From economics to immigration, Governor Perry, Governor Romney and the Republican field have embraced policies that the American people oppose," LaBolt wrote. "The campaign to win the Republican nomination has become a campaign to win the hearts and minds of the Tea Party."

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With the filing deadline drawing near for several key presidential primary states, pundits and reporters are on red alert over a possible entry by NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

In a piece titled, "Top Christie Donors Told To Head To Trenton," The Daily Caller's Matt Lewis has this:

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Restrictive voting laws in states across the country could affect up to five million voters from traditionally Democratic demographics in 2012, according to a new report by the Brennan Center. That's a number larger than the margin of victory in two of the last three presidential elections.

The new restrictions, the study found, "fall most heavily on young, minority, and low-income voters, as well as on voters with disabilities. This wave of changes may sharply tilt the political terrain for the 2012 election."

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