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There really is no good news for Herman Cain now that Gloria Allred is involved in his sexual harassment scandal. The accuser she brought forward, Sharon Bialek, appears to have been a catalyst for the The Daily's outing of Karen Kraushaar, who now appears on the verge of telling her story publicly as well. Even Karl Rove said Allred is adding "credibility" to the scandal.

But there is some solace for Cain and his supporters in Allred's emergence. She's living up to the hype and saying some, um, odd things.

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Dateline 2010. People are frustrated with two plus years of economic stagnation. Washington is a fractious place that seems to be ensnared in an endless fight with a broken record of the stale talking points. Democrats had made huge strides in the 2006 and 2008 elections, holding both houses of Congress and the presidency, as well as a majority of governor's mansions. So the voters pushed out the party in power for their inability to immediately turn around the economy and bring down the unemployment rate, giving the House back to Republicans and returning the GOP to power in the statehouses of some bluish swing states.

Exactly one year later, voters in some key states where Republicans had made gains rejected some of their proposals through statewide referendums, striking not only at the party but at the very reason for electing them -- their ideas. If election day 2011 tells us anything, it's not just that overreaching in this political environment is a bad move, but it's a spectacularly bad one.

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Stephen Colbert is increasingly worried about downtrodden hordes going after him and his wealthy friends. "The barbarians are at the gated communities," Colbert said. "We must be ready to flee at a moment's notice."

So Colbert was comforted by a recent full-page ad in Yachts International magazine. The ad reads, in part: "We used to sell yachts as luxury items. In today's world, they're really a necessity."

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Rick Santorum thought so highly of Jerry Sandusky’s work with foster children that he nominated him for a “Congressional Angels in Adoption” award nine years ago, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

“Its philosophy is simple: it is easier to develop a child than to rehabilitate an adult,” read the citation from Santorum in the awards dinner program from Sept. 24, 2002.

Sandusky has been accused of sexually abusing young boys that he met through the group he founded to provide care for foster children.

Santorum is a 1980 graduate of Penn State.

The Republican presidential candidates are scheduled to debate in Michigan at 8 p.m. ET tonight at Oakland University. The debate, sponsored by CNBC, is supposed to focus on the economy, but surely Herman Cain will be questioned about new sexual harassment allegations. We’ll have full coverage here at TPM. In the meantime, CNBC breaks down the debate forecast in the video below:

The Hill reports that calls for Cain chief of staff Mark Block’s resignation are growing amongst conservative pundits and former campaign staffers.

“Mark Block has to go,” Ed Morrisey of Hot Air wrote Wednesday morning. “If he’s not gone by tomorrow, no one will take this campaign seriously again — nor should they.”

A former Cain staffer agreed. “Mark Block has no regard for basic ethics or accounting practices,” the anonymous staffer told The Hill. “He is no strategist. He is impulsive and obsessive.”

Block has been roundly criticized for his handling of the sexual harassment accusations that have been hurled at his candidate.

Republicans weren't exactly fans of Bill Clinton back when he was president, but Karl Rove-founded conservative group Crossroads GPS is running a new ad lamenting that President Obama isn't more like him.

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Herman Cain generated more than a little mockery at his Tuesday press conference when he gave the public a lesson about the danger of female-on-male sexual harassment. But it turns out he might be onto something.

"And I might add, it's not just men who potentially sexually harass women," he said. "I've also seen situations where women have attempted to sexually harass men. It's very serious."

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While Occupy Wall Street protesters dig in and the public decries income inequality, Jon Stewart on Tuesday tried to unravel the government's complex relationship with the financial sector.

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