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The Guardian -- the UK newspaper that has dominated with its coverage of the ongoing News of the World phone-hacking scandal -- is expanding its presence in the states with the launch of a new U.S. homepage, and expanded U.S. staffing to match.

The Guardian's U.S. editor in chief, Janine Gibson, told TPM she hopes the site will behave "like a start-up and be a bit disruptive," starting small and learning and responding to readers as it grows.

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If there's ever any doubt about the momentum former White House financial reform adviser Elizabeth Warren brings to the Massachusetts Senate race, just check in with the national fundraising effort led by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

The fundraising drive began a couple months before Warren got in the race, and on the first day of her official candidacy, the PCCC surpassed $200,000 raised. That's around $105,000 for the Draft Warren effort and around $99,000 for Warren's actual campaign.

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Two weeks ago, Solyndra remained unknown to many people outside of Washington and the alternative energy circuit.

On Wednesday, it was beating Scarlett Johansson on Google Trends, as the Republican National Committee's research arm was only to happy to point on on its Twitter feed.

That's particularly incredible given that a.) Scarlett Johansson is one of the most famous actresses in the world b.) Nude photos allegedly of her stolen by hackers showed up online on Tuesday night c.) There's few things the Internet loves as much as porn.

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The White House is pushing back on an emerging Republican talking point in the Solyndra debacle: that the failure of one solar panel company spells doom for the future of green energy.

"As the Department of Energy has made clear, they have always recognized that not every one of the innovative companies helped would succeed, but we can't stop investing in game-changing technologies that are key to America's leadership in the global economy," White House spokesman Eric Schultz said in an email.

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Michele Bachmann's opposition to vaccinating young girls against HPV, a policy Rick Perry once championed -- and her allegation that it can lead to mental retardation -- is now getting further pushback from outside of the regular political sphere, with the American Academy of Pediatrics chiming in.

The Academy released this statement late Tuesday, joining the list of people rebutting Bachmann's comments, and the theory that vaccines cause brain damage:

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George Allen, who is running to reclaim his old Senate seat for the GOP in Virginia, is distancing himself from Rick Perry's rhetoric on Social Security.

Virginia Democrats recently went up with a video linking Allen to Perry, who is visiting the state, and highlighting Perry's quotes from a recent debate that the program is a "monstrous lie" and "Ponzi scheme." The ad also highlighted Allen's past support for President Bush's plan to privatize the program in 2005.

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MCALLEN, Texas (Reuters) – U.S. Border Patrol agents found a rocket launcher, assault rifles and explosives in a bag along the Rio Grande river in Texas, the agency said on Wednesday, suggesting a link to Mexico’s drug wars.

Rick Perry, meet your base.

A PPP poll out on Wednesday illustrates a clear contradiction within the GOP electorate: overwhelming majorities of voters who deride President Obama as a socialist, but who also love actual real social welfare programs -- Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid -- and don't want to see them cut.

For a candidate like Rick Perry, that cognitive dissonance could present real problems. He's rocketed to the front of the pack on the strength of his appeal to the Tea Party, where the Obama-as-socialist rhetoric runs red hot. He's also pretty much declared war on Social Security.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp must reinstate a Countrywide whistleblower fired shortly after the two companies merged in 2008 and pay the employee $930,000, the Labor Department said on Wednesday.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly attributed remarks by Rep. Kurt Schrader to Rep. John Barrow. TPM regrets the error.

Blue Dog Democrats are pushing members of the joint deficit Super Committee to reduce the deficit significantly more than they've been tasked with. But they don't want to talk about President Obama's jobs plan. And beneath the surface its clear that there are major differences between the White House and conservative members of his party.

Leaders of the Blue Dog caucus held a press conference in the Capitol Visitor's Center Wednesday to push the Super Committee to "go big." But thanks to an explicit efforts by Democrats and the administration the deficit panel's work has become linked to the idea of job creation, and Obama's jobs bill. But the Blue Dogs didn't really want to talk about it.

After the press conference I asked Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) whether he agreed with CBO chief Doug Elmendorf -- and by extension Obama -- that the wisest economic path involves near term stimulus followed by long-run fiscal restraint.

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