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A lot is changing on the gay rights landscape. The military -- once a home for staunch homophobia -- is now one of the more welcoming employers for openly gay people. Where the last Democratic president sat down and signed the Defense Of Marriage Act into law, the current Democratic president is on a mission to tear it down.

San Francisco, not surprisingly, may have just moved the ball forward another few yards. Witness what a source close to his campaign says is the first campaign ad featuring an openly gay man and his child:

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Country singer Hank Williams Jr. is being removed from his regular spot on ESPN's Monday Night Football after comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler in an interview with Fox & Friends.

In a rambling appearance via satellite on FOX News on Monday morning, Williams said that Speaker John Boehener made a "political mistake" by joining Obama on the links for friendly game, because their meeting was "like Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu." Visibly shocked, the FOX & Friends hosts quickly pushed Williams to clarify his statement.

"I just want to say that we disavow any of those comments or analogies that he's made, at least I'm going to say that, disavow the analogy between Hitler and the president," co-anchor Gretchen Carlson said after the segment.

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Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, last seen expressing "disappointment" in himself for failing to stop the politicization of the Justice Department honors program during the Bush era, has a new gig as the Doyle Rogers Distinguished Chair of Law at Belmont University College of Law in Tennessee.

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It's October 3, 2011.

This time a year ago, few people would have wagered that Sarah Palin would be an afterthought.

But here we are, and the feverish speculation is not about Palin getting in the 2012 race, but Chris Christie.

In today's Campaign In 100 Seconds, TPM's Benjy Sarlin breaks down just how the former governor of Alaska threw it all away.

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As much as social media has proved itself as a revolutionary tool for political organization and messaging, sometimes it can also act as a Hall of Mirrors, as was the case over the week-end when a rumor started flying around online about the Marines getting involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In this case, what started as a muddled post by a friend of another friend's post on Facebook ended up as a statement of fact in a major speech made by former White House green collar jobs czar Van Jones at the Take Back The American Dream Conference conference on Monday.

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In an interview on Monday with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, President Obama called himself an "underdog."

Responding to Stephanopoulos' query if the odds were against him given the current economic situation, the President replied "Absolutely. I'm used to being the underdog. But at the end of the day people are going to ask -- who's got a vision?"

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The White House Monday continued its war of words with House Republicans over their unwillingness to move his entire jobs package, confidently vowing to let voters decide how to react to Republicans' refusal to pass provisions such as infrastructure spending and retaining teachers.

"Congress can take it up, vote on it...then if there's a desire to take things out, we would accept that although we would not be satisfied by that... [President Obama] would say, 'Where's the rest of it? What about teachers and construction workers...or incentives to hire veterans?" White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters during a briefing Monday.

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Rick Perry may be under fire for his old campground's racist name, but as even his toughest opponents admit, the Texas governor has virtually no history of racist rhetoric in his past either personally or politically.

The Texas Tribune talked to a number of Perry's Democratic rivals and found a strong consensus that, whatever their problems with Perry are, racism is not one of them.

"He appointed a black man chief justice of the state Supreme Court, for crying out loud, one of the many high-profile positions he's given to minorities during his time as governor," Jason Stanford, a Democratic opposition researcher who is writing a book on Perry, wrote in a blog post. "If he were an n-bomb dropping cracker, we'd all know."

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As the Occupy Wall Street protests reach their third week, mainstream media organizations are beginning to take notice. Here, courtesy of the New York Observer, comes an as yet unaired Fox News interview with outspoken protester Jess LaGreca.

LaGreca told the Fox reporter, who isn't identified, that the Occupy Wall Street protests are a "spontaneous movement" -- one he wouldn't like to see end.

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