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Today, the Clinton Presidential Library will release thousands of pages of emails written by Elena Kagan during her service at the White House, completing a document dump the Obama administration swears is unprecedented for a Supreme Court nominee. Former President Clinton waived executive privilege on memos bearing his own writing, giving the Judiciary Committee members dealing with Kagan's nomination hearings what the White House says is a clear view of her work style.

The National Archives and Records Administration, a nonpartisan group run by civil servants, will release all 70,000 emails this afternoon. The committee has already received nearly 90,000 pages of documents that include Kagan's writings on topics ranging from Don't Ask, Don't Tell to adoption policy.

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Sharron Angle is continuing to face questions about her previous discussion of "Second Amendment remedies" against Congress -- and continuing to dodge them.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal caught up with Angle, and asked her whether she was calling for armed revolution:

"I can't believe people are even asking that," Angle said in the brief interview. "I'm very much a proponent of the Second Amendment and the Constitution. But what we have to focus on here is a movement, a movement that's about retiring Harry Reid" by voting him out of office.

Gee, thanks for clearing that up.

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After Rep. Joe Barton yesterday did the unthinkable and apologized to BP, several -- including White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs -- jumped on the fact that, should Republicans take back the House in the midterms, Barton would be the natural choice to assume the chairmanship of the House energy committee.

"Who would the GOP put in charge of overseeing the energy industry & Big Oil if they won control of Congress? Yup, u guessed it - JOE BARTON," Gibbs tweeted yesterday.

But Barton, apparently, had slim chances at the chair, even as ranking member. Why? Term limits, according to Minority Leader John Boehner.

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On last night's episode of Sean Hannity's TV show, Hannity and former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) went ahead and agreed with Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) that the BP escrow account is a "shakedown." And amusingly, they failed to even mention that Barton was subjected to widespread media ridicule and then ordered by the GOP leadership to retract his comments just hours after he dramatically apologized to BP.

"We had this show on Capitol Hill today. And Joe Barton, congressman, said you know what, this is a shakedown," said Hannity. "We have a lot of other Congressmen, you know, debating whether or not the White House is exceeding their constitutional authority by demanding that BP put all this money in escrow, when in fact we have a law in place."

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Progressive backers of financial reform are pushing Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) to reconsider his protest vote against imposing tougher rules on Wall Street.

Feingold opposed the Senate's regulatory reform bill because in his view, by lacking provisions that explicitly limit the size of major financial institutions, it didn't go far enough. But with House and Senate negotiators now ironing out the differences between their two bills, progressives see an opportunity to strengthen the final legislation...if only Feingold considers changing his vote.

Americans for Financial Reform and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee are separately pushing Feingold to reconsider his vote provided two key provisions, strengthening the bill survives. PCCC members are petitioning Feingold to say that he'll vote yes, if and only if tough derivatives regulations remain in the legislation, and negotiators add a strong version of the so-called Volcker rule to the bill.

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I know that Twitter is becoming part of everyone's lives, but Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff may be taking it way too far by announcing executions in real time. Three tweets about Ronnie Lee Gardner's execution by firing squad:

A solemn day. Barring a stay by Sup Ct, & with my final nod, Utah will use most extreme power & execute a killer. Mourn his victims. Justice

Utah Attorney General Uses Twitter to Announce Executions

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Henderson resident Robert Stern has a new, special friend to help him present his life's work to the world: Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher. Stern's special project is known as Microman, and he and Joe plan to introduce Stern's Microman to the world of the tea parties starting this summer in Vegas.

Microman is not the copyrighted action figure you might remember from your misspent youth: he is, instead, a poorly-drawn, Obama-teabagging conservative Everyman with a penchant for really terrible jokes with which your older, conservative relatives will eventually clog your Inbox.

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Texas GOPer Joe Barton apologized to BP for the $20 billion escrow account President Obama had them create to pay for the oil clean up in the Gulf, and Jon Stewart had a few words for him: "I don't like you."

Stewart was also angry last night that Barton appeared to be reading a magazine during the BP hearings, until he realized what magazine it was: "Oh it's 'Disdainful Asshole Digest!' And he's on the cover! Again!"

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A new Rasmussen poll shows Texas Democratic gubernatorial nominee Bill White is running close to incumbent Gov. Rick Perry (R).

The poll, taken on Wednesday among 500 likely voters, shows Perry in the lead by a margin of 48-40. The poll has a margin of error of 4.5%.

Past polling has shown Perry with a wider lead. In the last Rasmussen poll, taken on May 13, Perry led 51-38.

The TPM Poll Average for the contest shows Perry ahead by a margin of 49.0-39.1.

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