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‘Soul Train’ host Don Cornelius has died of a gunshot wound, according to multiple reports. He was 75. NBC News reports that it is unclear if the death was a suicide.

UPDATE: The AP reports that Los Angeles police now say Cornelius died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Montana Sen. Jon Tester’s re-election campaign raised raised nearly $1.2 million during the final quarter of 2011. Tuesday, his Republican challenger Denny Rehberg announced he had raised $656,000 — half as much as Tester — in the 4th quarter and has $2.1 million cash on hand.

The service union SEIU and pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action will hold a press conference call Wednesday to announce the expansion of its Spanish-language ad campaign into Nevada and Colorado. Previously, they released Spanish-language ads in Florida on Mitt Romney’s far-right position on immigration. Colorado and particularly Nevada have significant Latino populations.

Another hilarious Bad Lip Reading video is out, this time at the expense of Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum.

Watch below:

Just over a week ago, Mitt Romney's top campaign and financial aides held an on-the-record press call to walk reporters through the former governor's 2010 tax return.

The briefing cleared up several questions, but left others unanswered -- including one from TPM that will either exculpate Romney from allegations that he's used investments in offshore entities to avoid U.S. taxes, or reveal that his campaign has not fully addressed those allegations.

On the call, Romney's trustee pledged get back to us with this information. But despite multiple inquiries in the days since the conference call, the Romney camp has not set the record straight one way or another.

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LAS VEGAS, NV -- Newt Gingrich, limping away from a brutal Florida loss, doesn't have much to look forward to in Nevada. Avoiding a total wipeout, especially a third place finish behind Ron Paul, is likely to be the top goal.

The state's caucuses were a high water mark in 2008 for Mitt Romney, who won 51.1% of the vote, and Paul, who placed second with 13.7%.

Romney benefits from a large Mormon minority that's energized by Romney's historic candidacy and expected to make up an even larger share of the GOP primary. in 2008, entrance polls showed as many as 25% of Republican caucus-goers were Mormon, 94% of whom supported Romney, despite making up just 7.5% of the state's population. His close ties to neighboring Utah also make him a more known quantity compared to the rest of the field.

As a result, Newt -- while still planning to contest the state --is rushing to downplay expectations.

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Rick Santorum has a 1-minute TV ad up in Nevada and Colorado going after Newt Gingrich for having supported policies like cap-and-trade and the individual mandate which were pushed by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. In keeping with the gambling theme of Nevada, the ad uses cards to compare Gingrich, Obama, and Pelosi.


DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s statement on Mitt Romney’s Florida victory argues that his campaign and his pro-Romney super PAC bought the election: “Romney and his Super PAC outspent his nearest opponent by running 13,000 ads to Newt Gingrich’s 200, carpet- bombing the airwaves with negative ads. In fact, Romney’s campaign has already spent more on negative ads than John McCain did during his entire presidential run.”