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On Tuesday night, HP held an "all-hands" meeting hosted by new CEO Meg Whitman in which she admitted the company is still wringing its hands over what to do with WebOS, the mobile operating system it had acquired along with device maker Palm for $1.2 billion in 2010, The Verge reported.

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First they occupied Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, then Washington, D.C. and Oakland. Now they're going to "Occupy the Highway."

A small group of Occupy Wall Street protesters plans to march from Wall Street to Washington, starting Wednesday afternoon, inspired by Civil Rights-era marches. The two-week march -- covering about 20 miles per day -- will make stops at Occupy Philly, Occupy Baltimore and stops in between, and the marchers hope to pick up supporters along the way.

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U.S. stocks tumbled on Wednesday on fears of the future of the euro zone. The Dow Jones Industrial average closed down 3.1 percent and the S&P 500 closed down 3.6 percent, the Wall Street Journal reports.

At his press conference Tuesday, Herman Cain said he had no idea who Sharon Bialek is and claimed to have never seen her face until she stood next to Gloria Allred and accused him of reaching his hand up her skirt in a parked car after a 1997 dinner.

Today, Bialek said Cain is a liar.

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Despite a warning from Maine's Republican party that a gay rights group supported same day registration, state voters restored the option by a three-to-two margin Tuesday night.

"Maine has long prided itself on high voter participation, sparked by its long-standing practice of Same Day Registration (SDR)," Miles Rapoport, president of Demos and former Connecticut Secretary of State, said in a statement. "Now Maine's citizens have spoken loud and clear: They will not allow people who want to discourage real participation to diminish Maine's commitment to democracy."

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Adobe made two paradigm-shifting announcements on Tuesday night, first saying it is laying off 750 full-time employees, nearly 9 percent of its total workforce. The San Jose-based company also revealed that it is will stop adapting its popular Flash web animation software to work on mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, effectively admitting that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was right to block Apple mobile devices from supporting Flash.

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Rep. Joe Walsh — who recently freaked out at a constituent at an informal town hall gathering — explains that he was “working on an empty stomach and had a quicker fuse than normal.”

If only there had been food at the event — which took place at a restaurant.

Here’s video of Walsh losing his temper:

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There really is no good news for Herman Cain now that Gloria Allred is involved in his sexual harassment scandal. The accuser she brought forward, Sharon Bialek, appears to have been a catalyst for the The Daily's outing of Karen Kraushaar, who now appears on the verge of telling her story publicly as well. Even Karl Rove said Allred is adding "credibility" to the scandal.

But there is some solace for Cain and his supporters in Allred's emergence. She's living up to the hype and saying some, um, odd things.

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