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The South Carolina GOP has released the following statement:

With 100% of 2,117 precincts reporting, the statewide primary winner was Newt Gingrich. Gingrich won 11 at-large delegates with 40.43% of the vote. Mitt Romney finished second, winning no at large delegates with 27.85% of the vote.

Gingrich also won two delegates in each of the following Congressional districts: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th (for a total of 12 delegates). Romney won two delegates by winning the first Congressional district.

The total allocation of South Carolina’s 25 delegates is as follows: Newt Gingrich 23, Mitt Romney 2.

"I congratulate Speaker Gingrich and Governor Romney on winning delegates in South Carolina's critically important Presidential Primary. South Carolina voters turned out in record numbers to help ensure that Barack Obama is simply the worst one-term president in U.S. history,” said SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly.

605,710 voters participated in the 2012 primary (21.60%). The previous record turnout was 573,101 in the 2000 Presidential Primary, with turnout in the 2008 primary at 445,499.

President Obama is defending the United States' use of drone attacks after a questioner said the attacks cause a high number of civilian casualties.

Obama said the drone operations are kept on a tight leash and do not cause a high number of civilian casualties.

The Senate on Monday approved a cloture motion to proceed with debate on the STOCK Act, sponsored by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), which beefs up insider trading laws for members of Congress and their staff.

A Senate vote on the bill is expected later this week.

Leaders of both parties say they support the concept but House GOP leadership thwarted a similar bill in the lower chamber last year.

A homeless veteran in Boston asked President Obama why the U.S. sends aid to foreign nations when veterans are struggling in the country.

Obama said his goal is to make sure there are no homeless veterans. “It’s important to remember” the U.S. only spends about 1 percent of the budget on foreign aid, Obama added.

President Obama is hosting a Google+ “hangout” right now, a conversation on the search giant’s social networking service. The event is pegged as a “post-State of the Union conversation.” Watch the exchange here.