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In today's episode, Romney and Perry turn into Tom and Jerry, sending the GOP into conniptions. But if they think this is bad, wait until it turns into Itchy and Scratchy. TPM's Evan McMorris-Santoro dukes it out with the story.

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) just released a massive trove of FBI documents indicating that anti-Muslim training materials have spread pretty far and wide within the bureau over the past several years and that analysts have been targeting areas based on racial and ethnic demographics.

It's all part of the ACLU's new "Mapping the FBI" initiative, which "aims to expose misconduct and abuse of authority by the bureau." They say the documents show that the FBI "has been targeting American communities for investigation based on race, ethnicity, national origin and religion" and that analysts "across the country are associating criminal behaviors with certain racial and ethnic groups and then using U.S. census data and other demographic information to map where those communities are located to investigate them."

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The social network with the most chatter about "Occupy Wall Street", at least the one that has seen the most mentions of "Occupy"-related terms, is Twitter, according to a study by New York social media marketing agency Attention, which examined data over a month-long period between September 10 and October 10.

Now, though, Attention has gotten more granular with it's tracking tools, zeroing in on the specific hashtags and the stated genders of those tweeting about Occupy Wall Street. Again, as in prior Occupy Wall Street surveys, the results of Attention's newest data survey are filled with some intriguing and perhaps unexpected results.

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Republicans have made blanket opposition to big federal spending projects a cornerstone of their policy agenda. That means even historically bipartisan programs like infrastructure investment are DOA in Congress, at least for the time being.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to hear a GOP senator who's up for re-election this cycle say on Fox News, "We can go over there and help them build their infrastructure up."

That's Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). He wasn't talking about a forlorn corner of the United States, though. He was talking about Libya. And the 'infrastructure' he was talking about didn't really include schools and bridges.

"One of the problems I have from leading from behind is when a day like this comes we don't have the infrastructure in place that we could have," Graham explained. Here he's talking about the metaphorical infrastructure of U.S. forces and appointees on the ground who can help direct events. However, he soon moved on to talking about another type of infrastructure -- the kind that helps with extracting oil.

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President Obama took a moment to herald the death of longtime Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi and mark a turning point for the Libyan people, their relentless pursuit of freedom and their country's democratic future.

Speaking in a live address from the White House Rose Garden Thursday afternoon, Obama welcomed the lifting of "the dark shadow of tyranny" from Libya.

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From the White House Pool Report:

Vice President Joe Biden came to New Hampshire Wednesday to file papers for President Barack Obama to enter the first-in-the-nation primary.
He promised he and Obama would return, campaign and win.
Greeted by hundreds of supporters outside the State House, Biden handed Secretary of State William Gardner paperwork which places Obama on the ballot for the primary this winter.
Republicans, he said, all sound the same.
"There is no fundamental difference among all the Republican candidates,"he said.
"Listen to what their solutions are, listen to what our solutions are," he told reporters.
Outside in the hallway, supporters shouted "four more years!"
He said Republicans want to roll back Wall Street regulations and do not support tax measures which would have millionaires pay their fair share.

According to The Guardian, the controversial pollster Frank Luntz has some strong words for the GOP presidential hopefuls. Speaking after Tuesday’s debate, Luntz said the candidates offered a “horrific” performance.

“Do not think you are helping your cause by destroying one another,” he added.

Speaking in a live address from the White House Rose Garden, President Obama welcomed the lifting of "the dark shadow of tyranny" from Libya.

After hours of reports about the death of Libya's ousted leader, the President announced that "today we can definitively say the Qaddafi regime has come to an end."

"One of the world's longest-serving dictators is no more," he continued.

Obama said America had achieved its objectives, and soon the NATO mission would "come to an end."

However, he said American engagement would continue as the country transitioned towards "its first free elections." He said establishing a democracy would be "the ultimate rebuke" to Qaddafi.

Obama also sounded a note of warning for other intransigent Arab despots such as Syria's Bashar al-Assad and Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh, both of whom are presiding over brutal crackdowns on "Arab Spring" crowds.

"The rule of an iron fist inevitably comes to an end," Obama warned. "Those leaders who try to deny [their peoples] their dignity will not succeed."