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Republican donors seem to be suffering from a case of buyer's remorse.

Two-thirds of the Republican freshman who ousted Democratic predecessors in the GOP's 2010 takeover in the House have seen their fundraising dip in the past quarter, USA Today reports.

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A new national survey shows President Obama with a two point lead among registered voters. The poll broke out the results by method of contact, between landline telephones and cell phones, finding a large discrepancy.

From SurveyUSA:

Among respondents who use a home telephone (72% of registered voters), Romney leads by 6 points. Among respondents who do not use a home telephone (28% of registered voters), and who were contacted by SurveyUSA on their cell phone or other electronic device, Obama leads by 22 points. When the two populations are proportionally blended, Obama is up by 2 points, within the survey's theoretical margin of sampling error.

When Obama is paired head-to-head against Newt Gingrich, Obama is up by 11 points, 51% to 40%. Gingrich trails Obama only by 2 points among respondents who use a home telephone, but trails by 35 points among respondents who do not use a home telephone. When the two populations are proportionally blended, Obama is up by 11.

The trial against former Senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards will get underway on Jan. 30, according to a federal court filing.

A judge refused to toss the case, based on a novel reading of campaign finance law, last month.

A day after Gary Johnson told TPM he plans to stay in the presidential race as a Republican, he said he will "not rule out considering" dropping out of the GOP race and running as a Libertarian.

"If I continue to be locked out, I would not rule out considering it," Johnson told TPM Wednesday.

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Polling firm Public Policy Polling (D) released new numbers yesterday which showed that Texas Gov. Rick Perry's campaign has indeed fallen on hard times. Perry has seen his favorability drop to 18 percent among general election voters, against a 67 percent who see him unfavorably. Even Republicans are tepid on the conservative Gov., as PPP's October GOP poll showed a nearly even 42 - 38 split on the favorability rating while he has dropped to near the bottom of the pack in the race, a move that Gallup also showed in a new survey of the Republican field. But Perry's situation also describes the former place of another GOP candidate in the race: the former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's position of five months ago.

In June of this year, PPP's numbers showed one thing: voters did not like Newt Gingrich. The former Speaker was seen favorably by only 16 percent of general election voters, versus 68 percent who saw him unfavorably. He was even underwater within his own party, down five points in a 39 - 44 split among GOP voters. His numbers in the Republican primary reflected this, as he toiled in the single digits as his campaign seems to have no life and no money (at all).

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spent a day aboard Herman Cain’s campaign bus and came away with several noteworthy quotations from the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO.

“I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy,” Cain said. “I want to talk to commanders on the ground. Because you run for president (people say) you need to have the answer. No, you don’t! No, you don’t! That’s not good decision-making.”

Cain is apparently already making his post-presidency plans.

“I call it a journey, not just a campaign, because it doesn’t stop,” he said. “We’re in the primary. Then you run for president. You win the presidency, serve four years. (Then you) might have to serve eight at the insistence of the people. Then after that, launch a Cain library,” then a post-presidential speaking tour, he mused.

The Bachmann campaign has just sent out a press release, announcing that the candidate would be canceling previously scheduled events on Friday in order to return to DC. Bachmann will be returning to the capital in order to “present her unwavering support for the Balanced Budget Amendment” that is expected to be voted on.

“With her vote, Bachmann will be delivering on her promise to stand for fiscal responsibility, cutting spending and reducing the national debt,” the release says.

The events previously planned for Friday will be rescheduled and Bachmann will return to Iowa on Saturday.

UPDATED: This article has been updated to include a statement from Obama campaign manager Jim Messina.

In a conference call on Wednesday morning, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry endorsed President Barack Obama for reelection.

“We believe in a country that invests in good jobs here at home,” she said as she announced the union’s support. “We think President Barack Obama is going to help make that vision a reality in our country.”

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina was pleased with the endorsement. “SEIU and the President share many common goals – chief among them a belief that we must do everything we can to create good-paying American jobs and a fair economic foundation that will let all workers succeed,” he told TPM. “Throughout the next year we’ll employ that same energy and unity, working together to do everything we can to ensure the President has four more years to strengthen middle-class families’ economic security.”

Yvonne Richardson, an SEIU leader from Florida told reporters “I will be doing everything in my power to see that [Obama] is elected into office.” Richardson emphasized that the SEIU would be “visible” in aiding voter turnout efforts in Florida.

Mary Kay Henry added that the SEIU would be keeping a careful eye on voter suppression efforts, and would fight to ensure that every American voter has a voice.

There were several references made to the 99% during the call. When asked if the timing of the endorsement had to do with recent developments in the OWS protests, Henry downplayed the connection. “For us, ‘we are the 99%’ is a spontaneous response,” she said. “We see it as our act of solidarity with the movement.”

Responding to reports that housing giant Freddie Mac paid him $1.6 million, GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich said he didn’t know exactly how the transaction came to be.

“I have no idea about the details… It was paid to Gingrich Group. Gingrich Group has many clients,” said Gingrich.