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House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Elijah E. Cummings wants convicted felon and former Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff to testify before Congress, he said in a letter sent to Rep. Darrell Issa on Thursday.

“During the Committee’s previous investigations, we did not obtain testimony from Mr. Abramoff,” Cummings said in the letter. “The Department of Justice requested that the Committee defer its efforts to obtain testimony from Mr. Abramoff while the Department continued its criminal investigations, and the Committee responsibly agreed to that request. Now that these investigations have concluded, there is no longer any impediment to Mr. Abramoff appearing before the Committee.”

The Senate on Thursday voted 52 to 46 against a Republican-sponsored piece of legislation designed to repeal the “network neutrality” rules established by the Federal Communications Commission in December 2010.

Quinnipiac released new numbers on possible matchups in the 2012 Presidential race on Thursday, showing President Obama ahead of all of possible challengers except for former Mass Gov. Mitt Romney, who bests Obama by three in Florida, comes within three points in Ohio and one in Pennsylvania, all statistical ties.

Florida gives the President the most trouble at the moment -- Romney leads him but the other GOP challengers come close in the sunshine state, with businessman Herman Cain down by four, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich behind three and Texas Gov. Rick Perry six. But in Ohio and Pennsylvania Obama has a double digit lead on all challengers not named Romney.

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Vanity Fair columnist James Wolcott has an interesting take on Gov. Rick Perry’s “oops” moment.

“You know what I bet Perry is feeling right now? Relief. It’s over, he has to know it, and future knots of tension are dissolving,“ he wrote.

Apparently Rick Perry is changing up his schedule as he shifts into damage control mode. The latest move is that he’ll be trying to laugh it all off on Letterman tonight. An NBC News reporter tweets that it’s now confirmed that Perry is diverting for NY tonight.

Erick Erickson pleaded with Herman Cain in a RedState post on Thursday morning. After stating that he “still believes” that the candidate can both win the GOP nomination and beat President Obama, Erickson turned to the real issues at hand.

“You said you would surround yourself with the best people—the competent people to help you,” Erickson said. Yet, look at the list of recent gaffes by Cain staffers: Block blaming the Perry campaign and retracting his statement, Block lying about verifying the son of a Cain accuser was a Politico reporter, and J.D. Gordon’s disastrous performance on Geraldo’s show.

“Herman, you said you’d surround yourself with the best people and you’ve surrounded yourself with Class A failures,” Erickson writes. “The problems you are facing are problems of campaign staffing. You’ve failed to live up to your own standard of hiring the best people.”

His solution? Cain must fire his staff and “reboot for victory.”