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AT&T and T-Mobile won't be merging to form the nation's wireless company anytime soon. Actually, now the two companies won't even be going to court to defend their proposed merger from the government's antitrust allegations anytime soon, either.

That's because the federal judge presiding over the case, Justice Ellen Segal Huvelle of the U.S. District of Columbia, on Monday granted the unusually-unified requests of all three parties involved in the antitrust case -- defendants AT&T and T-Mobile and plaintiff the Justice Department -- to indefinitely postpone the trial, which had originally been set to begin February 13, 2012.

The Justice Department was the first party of the three involved that sought to delay the trial, filing a request with Justice Huvelle on Friday for a stay, or, in the event that couldn't be granted, a motion to withdraw its case against the proposed $39 billion merger, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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How's this for easy money? The right wing talk show host Michael Savage has offered Newt Gingrich a cool $1 million... and all the GOP frontrunner has to do is drop out within three days.

In a statement on his website, Savage says he'll make the offer official on his show, and lays out (in jarring ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) his reasons that Gingrich should drop out. He runs through the usual gamut of reasons offered for Newt being an electoral disaster, including his rather unpleasant divorces, his buck-raking from Freddie and Fannie, and his stance in favor of a policy the right characterizes as "amnesty."

However, it's when Savage comes to the issue of the Presidential Debates that he gets really personal:

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In the throes of his most high-stakes GOP debate yet, Mitt Romney did himself no favors by casually throwing down a $10,000 bet over a line in his latest book.

His original point has now long become lost in the furore that has blown up around the bet and Mitt is having to come to terms with having secured his image as a big-money high-roller.

Benjy Sarlin goes "all in" to bring us the story:

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If you're Ron Paul, there's one candidate who currently holds the affections of potential supporters: Newt Gingrich. So Ron Paul, who is generally perceived to run quiet campaigns, is aggressively going after Newt.

Monday, Paul released a new web ad online attacking Newt Gingrich as a profiteer taking in huge sums of cash during his political career. The 2-minute ad is basically a montage of Newt talking about making money and pundits recounting the myriad lobbying, consulting, and speaking fees Newt has accumulated, marking him as a Washington insider who made millions off of a career inside the Beltway. This isn't the first Paul ad to make this point, and it's not likely not the last.

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Mitt Romney is taking up the underdog mantle in the GOP race, conceding that Newt Gingrich's leads in the polls make him the frontrunner to win the nomination.

Asked by Politico if Gingrich was the favorite, Romney replied: "He is right now," before adding that it's still "a very fluid electorate."

With the early primary calendar weighted against him, Romney predicted that his fight with Gingrich "could go for months and months," lasting past Super Tuesday and well into the later states in the process.

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The United Nations' human rights chief Navi Pillay said Monday that more than 5,000 people have been killed in Syria’s popular uprising. As the AP reports, earlier estimates had put the death toll at around 4,000.

A newly incorporated Democratic Super PAC, American LP, is out with what may be the funniest ad of the primaries. The spot features Mitt Romney discussing the Olympics in French, but flashes a subtitled “translation” consisting of old Romney quotes from his days as a pro-choice, moderate Republican in Massachusetts. The effect is reminiscent of Woody Allen’s ‘What’s Up, Tiger Lily?’

American LP is the brainchild of Democratic consultant TJ Walker, who told iWatch News that he plans on using his new organization to produce ads that are “more hard hitting and more humorous than what a typical candidate or party can do.”

Facebook on Monday published a note pointing to Newt Gingrich as an example of the one of the most "Facebook savvy" politicians on the social network.

"Gingrich's Facebook page is a great example of providing many ways for supporters to get involved, catering to every level of engagement while equally promoting all of the tabs," Facebook's political team wrote in the post. "Remember, a cool application or an engaging tab is useless unless you promote it to your fans and explain why they should engage."

Specifically, Facebook applauded Gingrich for using "a wide variety of tabs on his Facebook page to take the pulse of the public," including one for WayIn , a quick mobile polling app, which Gingrich has used to poll his Facebook "friends" over such insightful matters as "With Newt I am optimistic about America's future," (92 percent agree) and "Will you vote in 2012?" (91 percent agree).

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