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House minority leader John Boehner refused to take a stand on Rep. Virginia Foxx's (R-NC) claim that Democratic-led health care reform is a worse threat to America than "any terrorist right now in any country."

Speaking to reporters this afternoon, Boehner was asked about the statement, which Foxx made on the House floor. "Members are entitled to their own opinions," he said when asked if he agreed with the sentiment.

When pressed on whether Foxx's rhetoric "helped the debate" on health care, which the GOP in the House are trying to win against a large Democratic majority, Boehner sat quietly for a few seconds as though he was carefully considering his answer. Eventually he leaned back and grinned.

"I this is the part where you guys get the old Boehner shrug," he said to the reporters gathered around him before moving on to the next question.

Others have already noted this passage from a smack-down ruling against Orly Taitz in a California Birther suit last week. But it's worth highlighting that the judge in the case suggested Taitz may have suborned perjury.

Check out these sentences from the lengthy order by Judge David Carter of the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California:

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Last week, Fox News anchor Shep Smith apologized for a "lack of balance" after airing an interview with Chris Christie, but had no interview with his opponent, Gov. Jon Corzine.

"If I had control, it wouldn't have happened," Smith said after the reporter explained, somewhat defensively, that Corzine hadn't responded to requests for an interview.

Today, Smith's colleague Neil Cavuto took a shot at the remark -- albeit without naming names.

Video after the jump.

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We reported this afternoon that the Christie campaign had seemingly violated copyrights by using stock footage from a licensing company, Pond5, and put up a Web video that still contained the anti-theft watermarks. Well, the campaign now appears to have fixed the problem on the legal end, and reposted the video -- but it still has the watermarks.

Pond5 CEO Tom Bennett told us that someone associated with the Christie campaign had bought permission for the videos at 3:43 p.m. ET. The video, which was briefly taken down from the Christie campaign's YouTube page, was put back some time in the last hour. It does not appear that there was enough time to make a new version using the correct, watermark-free videos, so the old has simply been put back with the watermarks intact.

"So it looks like they're doing damage control," said Bennett.

Late Update: Christie spokesperson Maria Comella gives us this comment: "A staffer made a mistake and neglected to pay for some of the footage in the video. As soon as this came to our attention, it was immediately corrected."

The leader of Republicans in the House said today that he regrets backing his party's nominee in the NY-23 special election. At a press conference with reporters on health care this afternoon, House Minority Leader was asked if he regretted his past endorsement and financial support for Dede Scozzafava, the GOP nominee in the race who dropped out over the weekend and endorsed her Democratic rival.

"Yes," Boehner said, flatly.

"This lady clearly has an agenda that's different from that of the Republican Party," he added. "She was out there to promote herself."

Boehner said that like the rest of the GOP establishment, he's turned his allegiances to the Conservative Party candidate in the race, Doug Hoffman. Boehner said he "looks forward to welcoming" Hoffman into the GOP caucus and said he hopes Hoffman beats Democratic nominee Bill Owens tomorrow.

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House Republicans plan a full court press on health care this week, including the release of their own version of a health care reform bill. GOP leaders said today their goal is to make passage of the bill offered by Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week "as difficult as possible to vote for," and plan to use women to fight it.

"Our women leaders will take the premiere role" in a multi-pronged attack on the bill this week, House GOP conference chair Mike Pence said at press briefing with House minority leader John Boehner this afternoon.

The rest of their plans to combat the Pelosi bill include attacking specific provisions the pair said show the bill's true intent -- to nationalize the American health care system. They said that if the public read the bill, they would be outraged at the Democratic health care reform plans. Pence said his party intends to make sure the GOP reading of the bill is heard.

"Americans deserve to know what's in the bill," he said.

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Declaring that "this is our battle of Trenton," Tea Party activists are gearing up for a last stand against the health-care reform effort they see as putting the country on a glide-path to socialism.

With the House set to vote on reform as early as this week, Tea Party Patriot leaders yesterday sent out a lengthy email to volunteers -- forwarded to TPMmuckraker -- announcing "It's Make or Break Time with Health Care," and laying out a frenetic schedule of direct lobbying activities for the next few days, including phone calls and in-person visits to members of both houses of Congress.

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The Christie campaign has apparently been caught in another copyright violation issue, in addition to their run-in with Monty Python. This time, it involves the apparent unlicensed pilfering of copyrighted stock footage -- complete with the anti-piracy watermarks.

As the Blue Jersey site discovered, a new Christie Web video featured stock footage that still had watermarks in them from Pond5, a stock footage licensing company, suggesting that the campaign had not paid to use the footage and was instead using the samples. The watermarks were in some instances covered up with on-screen text, but were still visible to the discerning eye.

The video has since been taken down, but here are some still shots:

(Click images to enlarge.)

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention," Pond5 CEO Tom Bennett told us. "It does appear that the Christie campaign has used stock footage from Pond5 without licensing it, in violation of both our license agreement and copyright law. We have brought this to our legal counsel and will be determining a course of action soon."

Bennett also informed us that to his knowledge, the company has not had any contact with the Christie campaign at this time. The Christie campaign has not returned our requests for comment.

Late Update: The video has now been restored on Christie's YouTube page -- apparently in a rush, as it was done with watermarks and all. Bennett told us that at 3:43 p.m. ET, someone associated with the Christie campaign bought permissions for all the relevant videos. "So it looks like they're doing damage control," Bennett said.

Two former top Congressional Budget Office and Office of Management and Budget officials today said House Democrats aren't offering the full picture on the health care bill.

On a conference call with reporters, former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin accused Democrats of using "gimmicks" to keep their bill under $900 billion and said it "does not bend the cost curve."

Holtz-Eakin, who served as an adviser to the McCain campaign last year, said the House Democrats' bill adds to much to the debt and assumes unrealistic savings by frontloading taxes and backloading spending.

"The American people are entitled to know," he said.

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