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Chuck Todd had his own “oops” moment on national TV Wednesday morning. During Morning Joe, Todd raised his middle finger to someone off camera. Todd apologized for the obscene gesture on Twitter, saying: “The camera is always on. A lesson some of us never learn. My apologizes. Am personally embarrassed. Was a joke with someone on the side.”

Watch the clip, via Mediaite:

A new national poll from Reuters/Ipsos shows a similar story to an AP/GfK survey from Wednesday morning — Newt Gingrich is up big in the national Republican primary, but he faces major problems in a possible matchup with President Obama.

Gingrich is up ten points on former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney in the GOP horserace, 28 – 18. But Newt would lose to President Obama 51 to 38 in the national sample, while Obama bests Romney 48 to 40. From Reuters:)

Gingrich has a long record of making provocative statements that could alienate independent voters, such as when he recently referred to Palestinians as an "invented" people.

Even so, some conservative Republicans see him as preferable to Romney, a former Massachusetts governor who has built a more extensive campaign and fundraising operation.

"This is the Republican dilemma," said Calvin Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University. " 'Do I want to enjoy myself by voting for Gingrich ... or do I want to look toward the general election and see a winnable contest?'"

Facebook on Tuesday launched a tool that allows users to report suicidal behavior and chat live with counselors, Reuters reports.

In September 2010, a gay Rutgers student who had been bullied posted a suicide note on Facebook before taking his life.

The AP reports that 2.5 million young adults have gained health insurance coverage since President Obama’s health-care law took effect. The AP cites a new analysis the Obama administration is set to release Wednesday.

Mitt Romney on Fox News just now said that President Obama made a huge mistake by not destroying a wayward U.S. drone that ended up in Iran.

“I find it incomprehensible that he didn’t destroy it, or go get it,” Romney said, implying military action to retrieve the drone.

The Romney campaign has been running radio ads with firebrand conservative pundit Ann Coulter for a few days now in Iowa, and she’s growing more vocal in her support as he tries to win over tea partiers, in particular from Newt Gingrich.

Coulter took to Fox News last night to defend Romney’s conservative principles.

"What I'm saying now is: Of the available candidates, Romney is, by far, the most conservative -- tied with Michele Bachmann -- and he has a proven ability to win in a state like Massachusetts."

Oh, well, easy come, easy go.

On Monday the right wing radio host Michael Savage offered Newt Gingrich a cool $1 million dollars. All the current GOP frontrunner had to do was drop out of the nomination process "for the sake of the nation," as Savage rather starkly put it.

However, it's probably a good thing for all involved that the world's most famous Tiffany's credit line-holder almost certainly has no intention of accepting the offer, since doing so could conceivably land both him and Savage in a South Carolina jail.

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A report that Verizon was considering purchasing lagging video subscription rental service Netflix, at least the online streaming component of Netflix, sent shares of Netflix soaring on Monday night.

But shares fell to close down 4 percent on Tuesday, perhaps based on newer reports contradicting DealReporter's (paywall) original claims that such a transaction was in the works.

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