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Republican "insiders" are wary of Rick Perry's ability to win, according to a survey by National Journal, picking Mitt Romney by a wide margin as the more electable candidate.

The poll, which regularly checks in with a pool of Republican and Democratic strategists, finds both parties in agreement that Romney is the superior candidate. Republicans think the GOP would be better off nominating him by a 69% to 31% margin. That number is even higher among Democratic insiders, 83% of whom see Romney as the better bet versus 17% for Perry.

Unnamed insiders from both parties cited questions about Perry's ability to win over independents given his resume as a hardline conservative, red-state governor. "Perry can fire up the base, but this election will be won in the middle, not on the fringes," one Republican said.

Given his recent appeals to the Tea Party, winning a poll of veteran Republican politicos may not be the most exciting achievement for Romney. And given that Perry is amassing a solid lead in national polls and surging in a number of early primary and caucus states, it may not be the most representative slice of GOP opinion either. A recent PPP poll of South Carolina, for example, showed Perry cleaning up not only with the conservative, Tea Party wing of the GOP, but with more moderate Republicans that should in theory be Romney's base.

Google and Fox News announced on Thursday that they're teaming up to present a Republican presidential debate on Sept. 22.

While the debate itself was already scheduled, Google's partnership adds an interactive element. A YouTube channel launched Thursday offers viewers an opportunity to submit questions to the candidates.

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The drama continues on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, following the investigation of a physical altercation in which liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley accused conservative Justice David Prosser of grabbing her neck in a "chokehold." Now there is a whole new round of accusations of an alleged incident -- pointing to a date when the court may not have even met at all.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that during the investigation, conservative Justice Michael Gableman made a counter-allegation, saying that Bradley once hit him in the head during a court meeting way back in September 2008, over a perceived disrespect of Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

To which the liberal bloc has replied: No meeting took place at all on that date or even that week, due to a request by conservative Justice Patience Roggensack that the court take a two-week period off.

The paper also reports that former Justice Janine Geske, a Republican-appointed judge who served on the court during the 1990s and is now a law professor at Marquette University, disputes a key element of Gableman's story: "I have known Justice Bradley for 20 years. I cannot imagine her hitting another justice in anger because he (Gableman) called Justice Abrahamson 'Shirley' -- because everybody calls her Shirley."

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Does former Bush administration official David Welch's alleged contact with the now deposed Qaddafi regime raise legal questions for him and his employer? It depends on who you ask.

Welch, the former State Department official who was instrumental in restoring full diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Libya and is now working for the multi-national company Bechtel, met with senior Libyan officials on Aug. 2, 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo, according to documents obtained by Al Jazeera.

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Federal Judge Sam Sparks doesn't like it when lawyers waste his time. So last week he invited -- or rather, ordered -- lawyers who he says are "unable to practice law at the level of a first year law student" to a "kindergarten party" to teach them "many exciting and informative lessons."

Sparks, the Texas-based federal judge who ruled against a state law requiring women to undergo a sonogram before getting an abortion, was upset that lawyers for two men and Brigham Oil & Natural Gas, L.P. were asking the court to quash subpoenas issued to them on behalf of James L. Woods. The lawyers maintained that the subpoenas were not properly served, were overly broad and unduly burdensome, and sought privileged information.

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has new web video out, going after the GOP on a topic that might seem oddly familiar to people who remember the last campaign cycle: angry constituents at congressional town halls.

Last cycle, of course, Republicans made hay against the then-Democratic majority, highlighting how Democratic members faced angry town halls mainly on the issue of health care reform. The DCCC's new video shows various local news clips from across the country, all of them of Republicans facing heat on GOP proposals to privatize Medicare and other economic issues.

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After squaring off with House Speaker John Boehner over when President Barack Obama could address Congress on his job plan, the White House announced late Wednesday that they would postpone the speech back a day to Thursday, Sept. 8. But the final result came after an entire day of partisan bickering over who would come out on top. Here's a look at how the day played out, blow by blow:

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Progressive heartthrob Keith Olbermann is tickled pink by Gawker's latest expose, tracking conservative pundit Bill O'Reilly's alleged steps to have local police investigate a detective his wife is allegedly having an affair with.

And that earned O'Reilly Olbermann's "worst person" title on Tuesday. "This is going to be easier if I just read the first paragraph," Olbermann said to introduce his segment. Here it is, from Gawker:

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International space exploration efforts have been having a rough couple of weeks.

Just as NASA and the Russian Space Agency are considering temporarily abandoning the International Space Station in November following the crash of an unmanned Russian Soyuz cargo supply vehicle last week, Thursday brought the news that China too is delaying the launch of the prototype module of its own planned space station in the wake of the crash of a separate Chinese rocket that occurred in mid-August.

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