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This morning, Fox News host Bill Hemmer made the argument that the shooting at Fort Hood should be classified as terrorism.

If you're despondent, if you're depressed, if you don't want to be shipped out or deployed to be overseas, you take out yourself, and you commit suicide. You don't try and take out as many people as you can with you. So is this the act of a suicidal person, or is this the act of a terrorist?

Gov. Charlie Crist may have the backing of the national GOP establishment in the Florida Republican senate primary, but the man who personally represents Crist in Washington isn't ready to add his name to the list of Republicans who say he'd make a better candidate than Marco Rubio.

Rep. C.W. "Bill" Young represents Crist's home district in Pinellas County, near Tampa Bay. When the St. Petersburg Times caught up with him at a Rubio speech yesterday, he stayed mum on the GOP civil war that's grabbing headlines across the country.

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The Washington Post's Dana Priest has obtained the slides of a June 2007 lecture given by Fort Hood shootings suspect Nidal Hasan when he was a psychiatric resident at Walter Reed.

The 50-slide PowerPoint, titled "The Koranic World View As It Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military," was designed to describe "what the Koran inculcates in the minds of Muslims and the potential implications this may have for the U.S. military." Hasan's final recommendation was that Muslim soldiers should be eligible for conscientious objector status "to increase troop morale and decrease adverse events."

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The Stupak amendment blocking abortion funding has become the hot button of the left, replacing (for now) the fight over the public option.

As President Obama suggested he doesn't think the measure belongs in the bill, reproductive rights groups are mobilizing to make sure the amendment doesn't make it any farther in the process.

"This is a middle class abortion ban and I don't think women are going to accept it," said Laurie Rubiner, Planned Parenthood Federation of America's vice president of policy.

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As the Politico first pointed out, Fox News contributor and syndicated radio talk show host Laura Ingraham said on Fox News this morning that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stopped just short of selling "her own body" to get the House's health care reform bill passed.

Nancy Pelosi basically did everything except sell her own body to get this bill passed. OK. [laughter] She did everything!

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With a difficult fight over health care set to begin as early as next week, the liberal group Democracy for America is raising money to revisit an ad they ran against Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) earlier this year.

Landrieu, as we noted yesterday, is one of the key holdouts in the Democratic caucus, still withholding her support for a landmark reform bill, which she says she might filibuster. The group hopes to raise $100,000 by Thursday, to begin airing the spot ahead of the first procedural health care vote, which could come as early as next week.

Their premise is simple: "Senator Landrieu has a choice to make. Stand with the Democratic Caucus against a Republican filibuster and we'll stop running the ad. But stand with Republicans to kill healthcare reform and this ad is only the beginning."

You can read the groups fundraising letter below the fold.

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Why did Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell decide not to run for reelection? The morning after her surprise announcement, political observers across the state are still trying to figure out what happened.

A new poll out this morning from Quinnipiac University gives some insight. It shows Rell leading the top Democratic opponent in a hypothetical 2010 gubernatorial matchup by just six points, 46-40.

The poll also shows that former U.S. Senate candidate Ned Lamont is making some headway in his gubernatorial bid just a week after he announced it.

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In a Washington Post profile of the erstwhile Republican candidate for New York's 23rd district, Dede Scozzafava marveled at her new fame -- and warned her party against pushing out the moderates.

"My name's a verb now," she told the Post. Indeed, the nearly unpronounceable "scozzafavaed" made its way into the user-generated Urban Dictionary after she withdrew from the election amid sinking poll numbers and a nationally-supported conservative candidate.

She also issued a warning to the Republican party.

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Obama Calls For Revision In Stupak Amendment President Obama said yesterday that the Stupak Amendment should be revised, in the hopes that neither pro-choicers nor pro-lifers feel "betrayed" by any change in the status quo. "I want to make sure that the provision that emerges meets that test," said Obama, "that we are not in some way sneaking in funding for abortions, but, on the other hand, that we're not restricting women's insurance choices."

Obama's Day Ahead President Obama and the First Lady will depart the White House at 9:05 a.m. ET, arriving in Killeen, Texas, at 12:25 p.m. ET. They will meet at 12:50 p.m. ET with families of the fallen at Fort Hood, and with wounded soldiers and their families at 1:20 p.m. ET. President Obama will address the Fort Hood community at 2 p.m. ET. They will meet with wounded soldiers at 3:25 p.m. ET, and depart from Killeen at 4:20 p.m. ET. They will arrive back at the White House at 8:35 p.m. ET.

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