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The group Americans United for Change has an anti-Romney campaign called Romney-Gekko. In the latest video released Monday, they spoof Corona beer commercials set on the beach, hitting Romney for the fact that he likely has money tied up in offshore accounts. The ad ends with the phrase, “Believe in America. Hide Your Money in the Caribbean.”


The Romney campaign is hosting a conference call with reporters on Monday morning on Gingrich’s role as a “historian” for Freddie Mac. On the call will be Romney surrogates Tim Pawlenty and Speaker Designate of the Florida House of Representatives Will Weatherford. In the past, the message from Romney on this has been that it’s impossible Gingrich only served as an historian and has called on Gingrich to release more details of his consulting work.

At 8am, Mitt Romney will hold a roundtable on the housing crisis in Tampa, FL. Housing and foreclosures are bound to be an issue in Florida, where the foreclosure rate is high — plus, Newt Gingrich is already making hay out of Romney’s past comments on the issue: “don’t try to stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney took a major hit to his status as the Inevitable candidate in the Republican presidential primary when he lost Saturday’s South Carolina vote to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Now new numbers indicate that the nearly 13 point victory in SC is boosting Gingrich in Florida as well — a new snap poll conducted Sunday by InsiderAdvantage shows Newt leading the field in the Sunshine State by about almost nine points.

Gingrich gets 34.4 percent of the new survey, Romney second with 25.6 percent, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) third with 13.1 and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum gets 10.7. It’s the first publicly available poll since Gingrich’s blowout performance in South Carolina, but Public Policy Polling (D) also showed movement for Gingrich, tweeting that he and Romney are running neck and neck in their first night of tracking the state.

ORMOND BEACH, FL -- Mitt Romney upped his rhetoric against both Newt Gingrich and President Obama in his first Florida rally since losing South Carolina, looking to reassure anxious supporters who suffered through the campaign's toughest week yet.

"We're not choosing a talk show host, we're choosing a leader," Romney said, saying that their nominee should exhibit "integrity," "sobriety," and "ethics."

He called Gingrich a "failed leader" as Speaker who "had to resign in disgrace" and criticized his work as a highly paid consultant for Freddie Mac in his years out of office. "He said he was just a historian there," Romney said. "I'd like him to release his records there."

For frustrated Romney fans, the Newt attacks couldn't come soon enough.

"Tell it it to him in the debates!" one person shouted as Romney began his attack monologue.

"Take the gloves off, Mitt!" another hollered.

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Michele Bachmann has not endorsed anyone since dropping out of the presidential race earlier this month, but a Super PAC supporting New Gingrich, Winning Our Future, is using extensive audio clips of her praising the Speaker in radio ads in Florida. Quotes include Bachmann calling Gingrich the “architect” of the 1994 Republican revolution.

A similar radio ad aired in South Carolina last week, prompting Bachman to call for it to be taken down. Apparently they didn’t listen.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is apparently on the offensive after his drubbing in the South Carolina Republican primary at the hands of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich yesterday. TPM’s Benjy Sarlin is at a Romney Rally in Ormond Beach, Florida and tweets that the former Gov. said “I think it’s time we had someone in the White House who knows how to create jobs because he’s had a job.”

As the remaining Republican presidential candidates pivot from South Carolina to Florida, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have two very different purposes. Gingrich is trying to capitalize on all the themes that handed him a 13-point victory Saturday in South Carolina while Mitt Romney is trying to undo the damage and hit the reset bottom.

Making the rounds on the Sunday talk shows, Gingrich went all in as the anti-establishment candidate. "In Florida my case is going to be very simple," Gingrich said on Meet The Press. "You have a clear establishment candidate in Mitt Romney. ... And you have somebody whose entire career has been a Reagan populist conservative."

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