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Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has filed suit against the division of News Corp that publishes the UK newspapers the Sun and now-defunct New of the World, Bloomberg reports.

Gallup released some new data Friday that compares President Obama to former Presidents Bush and Clinton, and the results reflect the widespread frustration with the way things are going in the US right now: only 43 percent of Americans say that President Obama is better than President Bush, and only 12 percent rate him better than President Clinton.

The number versus Bush means that the percentage of Americans who think he’s been just as good (22) and those who think he’s been worse (34) adds up to a majority of 56. The result is surprising considering President Bush only left office less than three years ago with some of the worst approval ratings in history. The 50 percent majority that says Obama has been worse than Clinton isn’t as much, as the former president was economic steward during the boom times of the late nineties.

Earlier this month, the White House launched “We The People,” a portal that allows Americans to create and sign petitions urging the administration to act on any issue they want. The people have now spoken… and three of the top six petitions call for the legalization of marijuana.

Gutenberg never could have envisioned this.

Researchers at the Masscusetts Institute of Technology are working on creating an industrial-scale printing press for graphene, a miraculous, Nobel Prize-winning, one atom-thick carbon nano-material, for use in next generation electronic devices.

"We are working on developing the basic science and technology to synthesize a one-kilometer square sheet of graphene," said Tomas Palacios, director of MIT's new Center for Graphene Devices and Systems, in a telephone interview with TPM's Idea Lab.

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Appearing on Fox News just now, Rick Santorum, who took the first answer after members of the GOP debate audience booed an openly gay soldier, says that he does indeed “condemn” the booers.

“That soldier is serving our country,” he told the show, and said he would have reacted at the time, if only he’d heard the cries. “I did not hear those boos. I certainly would have responded to them,” he said.

Those alleged $16 muffins everyone is up in arms about? Turns out they came with fruit and drinks.

Pete Yost of the Associated Press reports that Hilton Worldwide, which manages the Capital Hilton where the 2009 legal conference mentioned in the Justice Department's Inspector General report took place, says the breakfast "included fresh fruit, coffee, juice, muffins, tax and gratuity, for an inclusive price of $16 per person."

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Earlier today we reported on Ben Howe’s piece declaring the winner of last night’s GOP debate to be businessman Herman Cain. In a post on HotAir, Ed Morrissey agrees, pointing to Cain’s answer about overcoming colon cancer as the sole reason.

Cain pointed out that he was able to get all the care he needed with private health insurance in a span of 9 months before launching his attack; claiming his doctors told him that if government bureaucrats under Obamacare delayed any of his tests or treatments, he would have died.

“Cain’s answer applies to overregulation in general, and it serves as a pretty good explanation for the economic stagnation we are currently enduring,” Morrissey argues.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels [R] on Friday said President Obama’s life is so far removed the “world in which jobs, wealth and prosperity are made” that he can’t understand “how damaging his policies are” to economic prosperity.

“He just inhabits a different planet, I think, in that respect,” Daniels said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.


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