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Texas Gov. Rick Perry warned viewers of CNN's Republican debate on Tuesday that Hamas and Hezbollah were working out of Mexico. Perry's answer came in response to a question about securing the southern border.

"We're seeing countries start to come in and infiltrate. We know that Hamas and Hezbollah are working in Mexico as well as Iran with their ploy to come into the United States," Perry said.

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Mitt Romney flubbed a bit on Tuesday by introducing himself to voters at the CNN national security debate with a falsehood.

Responding to Wolf Blitzer's own self-introduction -- in which Wolf said "and yes, that is my real name" -- Romney began: "I'm Mitt Romney -- and yes Wolf, that's also my first name."

Except Romney's first name is "Willard," and "Mitt" is his middle name.

Watch below:

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The Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration paid over $200,000 for mobile versions of a "Heat Safety Tool" app that doesn't even work, according to an Android developer who filed a Freedom of Information Request to obtain the cost of the app.

Rich Jones, the 23-year-old, Boston-based Android app developer behind, a new site that seeks to match freelance app developers with solicitations, described how he stumbled upon the costly mistake in a post on the blog Monday.

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Alice Stewart, Michele Bachmann’s spokesperson tells TPM: “ Just because you disagree with the Speaker doesn’t mean you’re on inhumane….It’s a policy difference and she’s right on the issue and he’s wrong.”

After tonight’s CNN national security debate, Michele Bachmann’s campaign sent out an email hitting Newt Gingrich for “opening door” the door for illegal immigrant amnesty.

Gingrich got into a bit of hot water for saying he would allow illegal immigrants who have stayed in the country for decades to be granted citizenship, though not those who have come into the country recently. After the debate, Bachmann again hit Gingrich: “It sounds like amnesty to me.”

Musing on what might be America’s biggest and most under-appreciated threat, Rick Santorum came up with “militant socialists.”

“I’m concerned about the spread of socialism,” the former PA Senator said, referencing Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He also provided perhaps the most obscure foreign policy criticism of the evening, criticizing the Obama administration for having sided with the ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya over his usurper, Roberto Micheletti. Chavez, as did almost every other Latin American state and most of the UN General Assembly, backed Zelaya.

At the end of the CNN debate, the candidates were asked about what they thought were emerging international threats. Rick Perry referred to the specter of Chinese power — saying they are “not a country of virtue.”

As examples, China referred to the country’s forced abortions, cyber-security state, and other authoritarian features.

He invoked the name of Ronald Reagan, who said that the Soviet Union was destined for the ash-heap of history — saying that communist China must be the next such adversary who will have to change.

During the CNN debate, Herman Cain was asked whether he agreed with Rick Perry’s call for a no-fly zone over Syria.

“No, I would not,” said Cain. “I would work with our allies in the region to put pressure, to be able to try and get our allies and other nations to stop buying oil from Syria.”

At the CNN foreign policy debate in DC, Newt Gingrich said the American people do not want immigrants who’ve been in America for decades to be expelled, suggesting a path to citizenship that many conservatives disdain on principle.

Updated: Nov. 22, 6:10PM

Add Utah to the list of states the federal government has sued over their controversial immigration laws.

In a suit filed in federal court in Utah late Tuesday, Justice Department officials argue that the government "has preeminent authority to regulate immigration matters."

"Utah's adoption of its own immigration policy disrupts the federal government's ability both to administer and enforce the federal immigration laws including as set forth in the Immigration and Nationality Act ("INA"), and to establish and pursue federal policies and priorities pertaining to, inter alia, the identification, apprehension, detention and removal of aliens unlawfully in the United States," the suit claims.

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