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Rick Santorum argued that tonight's landslide win in the Missouri primary — which was largely overlooked by Mitt Romney, due to having no delegates at stake — was a better measure of a Republican candidate in the general election, due to the absence of a race in which a rival candidate was deluged with negative ads.

"Governor Romney's greatest attribute is, 'Well, I've got the most money and best organization,'" said Santorum. "Well, he is not gonna have the most money and best organization in the fall, is he? No, we're gonna have to have someone who has other attributes to commend himself to the people of America.

"Someone who can get up and make sharp contrasts with President Obama. Someone who can point to the failed record of this administration, and say that Barack Obama has to be replaced in the Oval Office."

Rick Santorum is addressing supporters in Missouri, following his big victory in Missouri's non-binding primary, and in the Minnesota caucuses.

"Conservatism is alive and well here in Missouri — and in Minnesota."

The results of the Colorado caucuses are still pending.

The highest efficiency for a solar panel has been achieved by Alta Devices, the California-based solar company proudly announced on Monday.

The efficiency rating of 23.5 percent, meaning that the panels are able to convert 23.5 percent of energy captured from the sun into electrical output, was verified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

"This is the highest solar panel efficiency yet achieved and demonstrates Alta's progress toward its objective of developing solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions that are competitive, without subsidies, with fossil fuels," the company wrote in a press release.

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Public Policy Polling (D) pollster Tom Jensen tweeted that if former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) conintues to perform as he has in Missouri and Minnesota, he might be able to win in Colorado too, a state which was expected to be strongly in the Romney column. "Santorum REALLY out performing his poll numbers in MO and MN," Jensen tweeted. "He could win CO too if the same happens there."

PPP numbers out on Tuesday showed Santorum with the lead in the first two states tonight (a 13 point lead in Missouri and 9 in Minnesota), but he's gone well beyond that in the actual results so far. Totals from Colorado have just started trickling in, track them live here.

The statement from the Missouri Democratic Party after former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum's win in the GOP presidential primary in the Show Me State:

"Today, Missouri Democrats came together in a show of strength and organization that truly stands in stark contrast to our Republican counterparts. While the results aren't much of a surprise, President Obama made a strong showing here in a Missouri primary that encouraged the most Missourians possible to have their votes counted in the nominating process. On the other hand, the Missouri Republican Party will continue to ignore the votes cast on Primary Day and instead, they'll let a handful of insiders gather in March to decide which presidential candidate they'll support at convention."

From the Department Of Tell-Us-What-You-Really-Think: former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) said that his pooch is better than President Obama when it comes to the economy and creating jobs.

Tancredo was appearing on MSNBC's Hardball, stumping for former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) for President, and responded to a question of whether GOP frontrunner former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is running a demolition campaign -- simply knocking down other Republican candidates without offering a strong platform to win the nomination.

"[Romney] is setting the stage for a debate between him and Obama who can best handle the economy," Tancredo said. "Who has the best record for creating jobs and for, you know, essentially, increasing prosperity. I think Romney feels, and I think rightly so, he can make a case for that. He's better at it than Obama. My dog is better at it than Obama. There's no issue in terms of who is better in terms of the economy." (emphasis ours)

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Rick Santorum has won the Minnesota caucuses — with national frontrunner Mitt Romney currently running in third place behind Ron Paul.

With 24% of precincts reporting, Santorum has 45%, Ron Paul 27%, Romney 17%, and Newt Gingrich 11%. Santorum has been projected as the winner by NBC News and ABC News.

Minnesota is also the home state of former Governor and ex-presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, who after he withdrew from the race endorsed and has campaigned heavily for Mitt Romney.

The Romney campaign has sent out an e-mail to reporters — which notably does not in any way mention his loss in Missouri's non-binding primary, which was announced about 20 minutes earlier.

Instead, the heading is: "MITT ROMNEY: 'WE DON'T NEED HIGHER TAXES'"

The e-mail links to a guest op-ed piece by Romney, published in USA Today.