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A new poll from congressional newspaper The Hill has two major findings — one, 55 percent of Americans polled described income inequality as “a big problem,” and that two thirds of respondents said that the middle class is shrinking. Another seven in ten said that the current tax system is unfair. The results come as a previous Gallup finding showed that 44 percent of Americans said that the current economic system is unfair to them.

From The Hill:

Majorities across practically all income levels, and all political, philosophical and racial lines agreed that the middle class is being reduced, while the bulk of respondents in each category thought income inequality was at least a moderate concern. Those findings follow a Congressional Budget Office report asserting that highest earners have seen their income rise much more quickly than middle- and lower-class taxpayers over the last 30 years, and come as the recent nationwide Occupy protests have highlighted the issues of income distribution and corporate wealth.

Asked on Fox why his wife had been absent from the campaign trail and whether voters would ever meet her, Cain replied: “You will meet my wife publicly in an exclusive interview that we are currently planning and anticipating.”

Cain continued: “It’s not her style to be with me on every campaign stop…and I want her to continue to be the nucleus of that calm and tranquility you get from your family”

On Fox, Herman Cain asked about alleged violation of campaign funding law by his aide Mark Block, “I’m not aware of this report, my staff has not had time to go through it.”

“I didn’t even know about the report until you brought it up on the show,” Cain said.

Herman Cain also responded to allegations that his aides' founded a corporation that may have illegally helped his campaign get off the ground.

“I’m not aware of it, they’re not aware of it. We’re going to go through it to see if there’s any validity,” he said.

Herman Cain says he has been falsely accused of sexual harassment, saying people have made things up.

Interviewed on Fox News on Monday morning, Herman Cain denied the sexual harassment allegation, but did admit he was “falsely accused” at the National Restaurant Association. Cain added, “It is totally baseless and totally false.”

Herman Cain on Fox News says he has never sexually harassed anyone, but he did acknowledge the accusations of sexual harassment.

“It was totally baseless, and totally false,” he added.

House Speaker John Boehner says he understands the frustrations driving the Occupy Wall Street protests.

“I understand people’s frustrations,” Boehner said at an event at the University of Louisville, Politico reports. “The economy is not producing jobs like they want and there’s lot of erosion of confidence in our government and frankly, under the First Amendment, people have the right to speak out … but that doesn’t mean they have the permission to violate the law.”

The WSJ reports:

A rescue effort for MF Global has landed in bankruptcy court. MF Global, the ailing brokerage run by Jon Corzine, filed for bankruptcy protection in a New York court.


Clinton Postpones Trip To Charlotte

In a statement released Friday evening, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced that the Democratic nominee…