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The Washington Post cites three anonymous sources who say that former Rep. Eric Massa has been under investigation for allegedly groping multiple male staffers over a period of "at least a year."

And Politico is reporting that Massa also allegedly "conducted himself improperly with interns."

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Deadlines have long come and gone when it comes to the White House and health care, but top Obama administration officials have been saying today they think the House will hold a vote before the president leaves for his trip to Indonesia and Australia later this month.

"What happens in the next 10 days will be critical," President Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod told pro-reform advocacy groups today on a conference call hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement. Call-in details were provided to TPMDC.

"This is it, this is the big moment that we've been working for for a year," Axelrod said. "If we march together we can achieve it."

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Could Ralph Reed, former head honcho of the Christian Coalition and later a key player in the Abramoff scandals, be on the verge of running for Congress?

David Brody reports that Reed will announce tomorrow whether he will run for the House seat currently held by Rep. John Linder (R-GA), who is not running again this year. Reed is expected to make the announcement on Twitter, Facebook, and the websites for both his personal account (which is currently an empty page saying only "Under Construction") and and his current organization, the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Reed, a longtime power-broker in Christian Right politics, previously ran for lieutenant governor of Georgia in 2006. Although he started out in a very strong position, his campaign was derailed as the Abramoff scandal widened, with e-mails showing his own communications with Abramoff. Reed lost the Republican primary to state Sen. Casey Cagle by a margin of 56%-44%.

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According to Time's Mark Halperin, Rush Limbaugh abruptly turned his back on Eric Massa on his show today, calling the former Dem congressman "a legitimate kook" and "a loose canon."

This comes just a day after Limbaugh devoted a chunk of his show to promoting Massa and his allegation that Democratic leaders conspired to push him out of Congress.

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The Arkansas Democratic Senate primary, already one of the toughest in the country, took the back-and-forth between Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter to a new battlefield today: cyberspace.

Lincoln took to Twitter this afternoon to respond to a story published this morning suggesting her mind maybe have changed on reconciliation. In the tweet, she reaffirmed her opposition to reconciliation. A few minutes later Halter fired back with a tweet of his own making it clear that he supports the reconciliation process as a means to get health care reform.

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Has Liz Cheney damaged her cause, and her reputation, by running an ad that questioned the loyalties of Justice Department lawyers who defended Guantanamo detainees? After a barrage of attacks on the ad, including some from prominent conservatives, it's worth asking the question.

Last week, Keep America Safe, the pro-torture advocacy group that Cheney co-chairs with Bill Kristol, ran a web ad that labeled seven DOJ lawyers who had previously represented detainees at Gitmo -- or simply filed amicus briefs in their cases -- "the Al Qaeda Seven."

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Michelle Obama spoke at the Smithsonian today for the unveiling of her inaugural gown. Here's the full text of her remarks:

MRS. OBAMA: Thank you, everyone. Thanks so much. Well, clearly, it's a pleasure and an honor to be here with all of you today. Let me begin by thanking Secretary Clough for that generous introduction. I want to thank him and his wife Anne for their dedication to the mission of the Smithsonian.

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