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Why don't they put it to a vote?

Pennsylvania Republicans have proposed splitting up the state's twenty electoral votes in the presidential race from the current winner take all system to one where they would be divvied up by individual Congressional district, as they are in Maine and Nebraska. But in a new poll from Quinnipiac University, voters are not particularly keen to that idea, and skeptical of the motivations behind it.

Quinnipiac asked voters straight up about the two options, but PA Republicans didn't get the answer they would like: only 40 percent said a switch would be a good thing, versus 52 percent who like the old way of doing things. Within that number there were some traditional fault lines. Democrats are against the idea 63 - 30, and Republicans are only slightly for it 48 - 44. Independent voters are against the change by a ten point margin.

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Updated 1:06 pm ET, Wednesday, September 28

Amazon couldn't keep it contained for long: The existence of The Kindle Fire, the company's new full color, 7-inch screen tablet computer, was confirmed by a Bloomberg report on Wednesday, minutes before an Amazon press event kicked-off in New York at 10 am ET.

At 7-inches, the Kindle Fire will be smaller than its main rival, Apple's iPad, which features a 10-inch display. And it'll be missing some of the main features of the iPad, including 3G connectivity (the Kindle Fire will only be able to connect to the Internet via WiFi) and a camera (in the case of the iPad 2. The original iPad doesn't have a camera, either).

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Herman Cain is often rated by observers as not being very likely to get elected president -- but if he is, he promises to start cutting from day one, starting with fewer inaugural balls and other formal presidential events.

The Daily Caller reports on Cain's upcoming campaign book, "This Is Herman Cain," due out October 4:

The long-shot candidate, who has earned more attention recently by winning the Florida Straw Poll over the weekend, also promises to "sharply decrease the number of inaugural night balls."

"I will reduce the number of protocol-oriented events that presidents are seemingly required to attend," he writes. "At a time of deepening national crisis, I simply cannot afford to allocate valuable time to things that do not advance solutions to this nation's problems."

Does this mean that even though Cain is a dedicated Republican, he is also non-partysan?

A new American Research Group poll of Iowa GOP caucus goers has a surprising result: former Mass Gov. Mitt Romney out ahead of the field again. Romney registers 21 percent support in the poll, followed by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) at 15 percent, Texas Gov. Rick Perry at 14, and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) at 12. The rest of the field is in single digits.

Bachmann made a splash in Iowa by winning the Ames Straw Poll, but has fallen off over the last month, and now registering in the mid single digits in national polls and in some swing states.

Responding today to a question about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), President Obama said that he is absolutely certain" that he will live to see a competitive Hispanic presidential nominee.

“Just look at the demographics,” the president said. The Latino population is growing faster than any other population."

The president specifically referred to Texas, pointing out that “with numbers comes political power.”