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Prosecutors in Santa Monica, CA have filed 19 criminal charges against the gold sellers Goldline International for allegedly running a "bait and switch operation" using prominent spokespeople like Fox News' Glenn Beck.

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Rick Perry at a Silicon Valley fundraiser Wednesday spoke out about his infamous speech in New Hampshire last weekend, saying it was “a pretty typical speech for me.”

Some had suspected Perry was under the influence during the speech, but the event host claims that isn’t true.

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While Super Committee Democrats are pressed to accept unpopular, and illiberal proposals like raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67 over several years, Republicans are under increasing pressure to cut Grover Norquist loose.

The well-funded anti-tax crusader has secured pledges from the vast majority of Republican members of Congress, including all six GOP members of the Super Committee, to never raise taxes on net. And that's the key reason the panel is deadlocked with just three weeks until its deadline.

Yesterday, at a public hearing, those six Republicans got an earful from one of their former colleagues -- retired Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY).

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Updated 2:29 pm ET, Wednesday, November 2 Microsoft has a big malware mess on its hands: A piece of malware targeting industrial infrastructure and systems manufacturers overseas, which has been called "nearly identical to Stuxnet," by CrySyS, the Hungarian computer research lab that discovered the virus, exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in Microsoft Word to install itself, according to an update posted Tuesday by American cybersecurity company Symantec.

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A third woman who worked with Herman Cain at the National Restaurant Association has come forward to complain that Cain engaged in sexual harassment, according to the Associated Press.

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In a sign they believe the former Massachusetts governor will ultimately win the GOP presidential nomination, progressive groups are escalating their attacks on Mitt Romney.

In a 90-second Web video released Wednesday, Priorities USA Action -- the Democrat-affiliated super PAC -- slammed Romney for his conservative vision.

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The host of an event where Rick Perry made a somewhat uncharacteristic speech over the weekend claims the Republican presidential contender wasn’t drunk. Some had suspected Perry to be under the influence during the speech.

The Hill reports:

“I can tell you unequivocally he wasn’t drinking at the event and he hadn’t been drinking prior to the event,” said Kevin Smith, the executive director of Cornerstone Action, the conservative group that hosted the event over the weekend. “I was sitting with him, and I found him to be very engaging with all of the people he was talking with, he was very articulate.”

Protests in Oakland today are coming to a head. Reuters reports that “Occupy” protesters have blocked a major intersection. They’re calling for a general strike to protest police brutality and economic conditions in the city, according to the report.

Herman Cain is in Washington today, where he said his political opponents are “trying to destroy” him.

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