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OK, Herman Cain.....

If there was one thing you would think would sink a presidential campaign it would be not one but five separate people accusing you of sexual harassment. However, buoyed by a conservative media certain these were scurrilous accusations, Cain used it as a fundraising platform.

But, like a photo negative exposed to too much light, the more scrutiny Cain came under, the more and more he faded. Evan McMorris-Santoro reflects on what you really have to do these days to lose the GOP nomination.

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So much for that idea. Mitt Romney is rapidly walking back a proposal to partially privatize VA care after a wave of criticism from Democrats and veterans groups.

"I have no proposal of that nature," Romney told the Nashua Telegraph on Monday. "We had a group of veterans and said, 'tell me about the quality of your care.' Some were concerned about the quality of their health care. I said, 'what kind of options do you have, what do you think about a system that let you go to private as well as VA hospitals?' The response was mixed, but I don't have any proposal of that nature. We have a VA system that needs to be improved and I've got no plans to change that other than to make it better and to invest more money in providing for our veterans."

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Democrats have three words for Republican presidential candidates who attack President Obama as weak on defense in Tuesday's foreign policy debate: Osama Bin Laden.

Three of the leading military minds in the party, former NATO Commander General Wesley Clark, former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig, and retired Major General Paul Eaton, lit into the Republican field at a press conference in Washington for their shifting positions and made clear that Obama's military achievements -- including the Al Qaeda leader's death -- will be fair political game in 2012.

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Get this: Fox News is -- gasp! -- not all that informative, according to Fairleigh Dickinson University's latest PublicMind poll.

The poll -- which asked New Jerseyans where they find news and information about current events -- found that Sunday morning news shows are the most informative, while Fox News actually leads people to be less informed than those who consume no news at all.

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A whirl of last minute meetings and shuttle diplomacy weren't enough to help the 12-member deficit Super Committee reach agreement on anything. Late on Monday, co-chairs Jeb Hensarling and Patty Murray put the panel to bed in an official statement.

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Rep. Charlie Bass (R-NH) made news in August when he offered what appeared to be a pretty clear repudiation of Mitt Romney's famous claim that "corporations are people, my friend." Having now declared his support for the Republican presidential candidate, however, his take on the issue has gotten much more nuanced.

A tracker passes on this video from today's event endorsing Romney in which Bass was asked his take on the corporate/person divide.

"I was referring to the issue on a legal basis," he explained. "Corporations are by law unnatural persons, meaning they are made up of people but the entity itself is not a person."

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The 89 employees of a New York law firm specializing in foreclosures who dressed as homeless people during an office Halloween party last year have been thrown out on the street.

Steven J. Baum P.C., a firm that specialized in foreclosures, is closing its doors a month after photos showing employees celebrating Halloween by dressing like the homeless surfaced in a New York Times column by Joe Nocera. Nocera wrote a follow up column this weekend, in which he quoted an angry email he received from Mr. Baum himself. The firm announced the shuttering via press release and was reported by the NYT:

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