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Blitzer says next segment will be about Iran and Iraq.

Wolf asks Ron Paul about a hypothetical 30 year-old who has no insurance and needs intensive care.

“So society should just allow him to die?” Wolf asks.

“Yeah!” someone in the audience shouts out.

Investor Peter Thiel of the Founders Fund just got off stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, where he was taking about a new book he's writing with Slide founder Max Levchin.

TechCrunch editor in chief asked the duo what Google could do to avoid being disrupted by newer players like Facebook.
Levchin didn't answer, as he is still "technically on the Google payroll" for a while longer. (The company recently shut down Slide and Levchin is leaving.)
But Thiel didn't sound worried about Google's prospects at all:

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Perry’s taking some hits for the “Gardasil” decision. He apologizes for the way he went around it and says he wouldn’t have done it again that way, but says he always “errs on the side of life.”

But now Bachmann’s slamming him with allegations of insider corporate corruption.

Perry says the company only gave him 5 thousand dollars, and he’d raised 30 million. “If you’re saying I can be bought for 5 thousand dollars, I’m offended.”

Romney’s the grown up in the room on the subject of the ‘Fair Tax’ (or ‘consumption tax’) as he calls it. He gives a detailed technocratic answer which first lays out some of its benefits due to WTO rules… but then slams it for raising the burden on the poorest, and lowering it on the richest. The room reacts with a kind of baffled silence, and one or two boos.

Mitt Romney reprises his smart phone/pay phone motif:

And Romney and Rick Perry trade barbs over Social Security:

Romney’s not having it with any Fed-bashing:

“If we don’t have a Fed who’s gonna manage the currency? Congress? I’d rather have an agency that can be overseen than having Congress oversee the United States currency.”

Ron Paul notes that he lives in Texas under Perry, and his taxes have gone up, and – more heretically still – a lot of the new jobs are government jobs. However, he says he’s not going to press the attack because: “I wouldn’t want to offend the governor because he might raise my taxes or something”

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is attacking Rick Perry for what it says is his hasty retreat on Social Security ahead of tonight's debate in Tampa, Florida.

Team Romney points to Perry's USA Today op-ed from this morning, where the Texas governor makes a lot of noise about saving Social Security for the future but doesn't mention the phrases "monstrous lie" or "Ponzi Scheme."

That's a backpedal, Romney's campaign says.

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Wolf asks Romney to judge how much credit Rick Perry deserves for job creation in his state. Romney gives him some but notes the various advantages Perry possessed when he came to office. “If you’re dealt four aces that doesn’t make you a great poker player,” Romney jokes.

Perry replies, “You were doing pretty good till you got to talking poker.”