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A jury in New York has convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout of trying to sell weapons to Colombia’s FARC rebels, the Associated Press reports. Bout, often dubbed ‘the Merchant of Death’ was extradited to the United States from Thailand in 2010 following a long legal battle.

With perhaps a week before the deficit Super Committee has to submit its proposals to Congressional scorekeepers in order to pass a plan by its late-November deadline, members remain far apart -- and the GOP's refusal to accept new tax revenues is at the heart of the matter.

Republicans would dispute this -- they claim they've been willing to entertain hundreds of billions in new receipts for the government and Democrats aren't serious about truly cutting entitlements programs. But pair the details of their two competing offers -- both of which were leaked to the press in recent days -- and the true source of gridlock becomes completely clear.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities -- no fan of the Democrats' own plan -- paired the numbers properly. CBPP noted that, contrary to standard budgeting, Republicans counted proposed fees, like increases in Medicare premiums, as "revenues," even though such cost shifting isn't a tax change, and is typically considered spending reduction. CBPP also completely hived off $200 billion Republicans claimed would result from the secondary economic effects of their plan, since there's little evidence to back up such "dynamic scoring."

The problem speaks for itself.

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Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign autobiography “Core of Conviction,” will be published later this month, her campaign announced this morning.

The 224 page tome follows Bachmann’s “amazing journey” from concerned parent to presidential candidate and is listed on Amazon for $17.72.

For supporters, autographed copies are available for $75 and there is even a $125 option that comes with a personalized inscription.

“This book will reinforce what you, as one of my strongest supporters already know; our country is in dire need of new leadership, and I am the true conservative in this race who has the leadership and experience necessary to turn our economy and government around,” Bachmann writes in the fundraising offer.

Rep. Burgess spoke to the press on Wednesday regarding sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain, saying, “I have no doubt you’ll look into this as carefully as Obama’s grades.”

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NPR has found a replacement for “All Things Considered” co-host Michele Norris, who is stepping down while her husband takes a job on President Obama’s reelection team. “Weekend Edition Host” Audie Cornish will take over Norris' role, the AP reports.

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, will host House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and his wife, Diana, for dinner Wednesday night, CNN reports.

An official in Biden’s office tells CNN the dinner is “a personal occasion.”

Embattled presidential candidate Herman Cain heads to Capitol Hill today where he will sit down with Congressional Republicans, CBS reports.