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A lot of attention has been paid to what Republicans are saying about plans to build a Muslim community center near Ground Zero in New York City, but many New York Democrats have been relatively silent on the issue.

Here's a round-up of what some prominent New York Democrats are saying -- or not saying -- about the Cordoba House plans, which won a key legislative approval earlier this week.

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Sharron Angle can save herself a phone call inviting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to campaign for her this fall in her bid to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Reporters today asked McConnell (R-KY) if he would campaign for Angle (R-NV) as his party attempts to win more Senate seats in the midterm elections.

"I will not go to Nevada," McConnell told a handful of reporters following a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. "I don't think it's appropriate."

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Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) is not taking a position on the idea of nullification -- the notion that a state can unilaterally override a federal law (and a notion that has been consistently rejected in federal courts).

The Roanoke Times reports on McDonnell's appearance at a town hall meeting on Wednesday:

He also fielded questions about how to deal with the problems of illegal immigration, the influence of lobbyists, losses in education funding, the placement of electricity-generating windmills and the constitutional question of "nullification."

While complimenting the questioner on his knowledge of the Constitution, McDonnell declined to say whether he backed that notion, a legal argument that a state may invalidate or nullify a federal law it believes violates the 10th Amendment's delegation to the states or the people all rights not designated to the federal government.

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Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that Proposition 8 -- the voter initiative that amended the California Constitution to define marriage as heterosexual -- is unconstitutional. The usual pro-Prop 8, anti-gay marriage suspects began hollering almost immediately.

Here, the best of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it):

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Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer's still out in front of Republican nominee Carly Fiorina in California's Senate race, a new Rasmussen poll reports. The survey puts Boxer in the lead, 45%-40%.

The new numbers are in line with past polling from Rasmussen, which since May has shown Boxer with a lead wavering between five and seven points. Most post-primary polls also give Boxer the edge, although a July 11 SurveyUSA poll showed Fiorina up two.

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A contested GOP primary in Connecticut is turning ugly, and, with just days to go before voters choose a nominee, an insurgent is accusing the Republican-endorsed candidate of engaging in illegal electioneering activities.

The controversy centers on an unsolicited mailer from the campaign of State Sen. Sam Caligiuri, which includes both a letter and an absentee ballot application. In the letter, Caligiuri identifies himself not as the Republican-endorsed candidate, but as the "Republican nominee."

"As the Republican nominee to take on [Democrat] Chris Murphy, I hope I can count on your support in the August 10th primary," the letter reads.

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Stephen Colbert said last night that he thinks it was an "innocent mistake" that Greta Van Susteren used footage of Shirley Sherrod instead of Maxine Waters the other day on her Fox News show. "It could have happened to anyone...whose producers can't tell black people apart."

Colbert also pointed out that though Fox News has the highest ratings in cable news, only 1.38% of their viewers are black. He had his people break down who those viewers are, and found that "45% are trapped in the waiting room of a Jiffy Lube, 7% are white people who just enjoy watching Fox News in blackface, 25% said Glenn Beck's name three times in the mirror and his show appeared, and the remaining 23% is Juan Williams."

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A new Rasmussen poll of the Ohio governor's race shows former Rep. John Kasich's (R-OH) lead over Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland narrowing to the thinnest margin reported by the pollster in months. The survey gives Kasich a 45%-42% edge over Strickland.

Rasmussen's June and July polling of the race showed Kasich with 5- and 7-point leads over Strickland, who's been under fire from the Kasich campaign for presiding over a state economy that has shed hundreds of thousands of jobs. Kasich, meanwhile, has taken heat for his previous work with Lehman Brothers, where he was a managing director.

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Last night, Jon Stewart watched "former Jon Stewart -- not as gay as it sounds -- summer share pal" Anthony Weiner's now-famous rant on the House floor, and thought it seemed familiar: "In no way do I mean to diminish Congressman Weiner's passion on this issue, but that is exactly what it looked like when you used his peanut butter."

Stewart added, imitating Weiner: "The gentleman from New Jersey will pay $1.50 for that Skippy! $1.50! The gentleman is correct in paying $1.50!"

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said this morning he sees nothing wrong with hearings examining what he called the "burgeoning" and "unseemly" business of illegal immigrants coming to the United States to give birth for the purpose of the child being a natural-born U.S. citizen.

"What's wrong with looking into this? The Washington Post did," McConnell (R-KY) told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

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