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In an interview with Politico on Wednesday, Gary Robbins, a Cain campaign consultant claimed that the candidate’s “9-9-9” plan would probably be “worth 15% in growth.” He then conceded that the plan would probably never be enacted, since people would be unwilling to accept such drastic changes.

“The problem with the big-bang changes like that, the flat tax or the fair tax, is that they are so alien to the current system that it would be a great big shock,” he said.


GM [NYSE:GM] had hoped to announce its latest green vehicle tomorrow morning, at a nice, orderly, staged press event to celebrate Chevrolet's 100th birthday. But one of its hometown papers jumped the gun and broke the news: The largest domestic car company will launch a small battery electric vehicle in the U.S. market.

While The Detroit News had the basic story, GreenCarReports can add a few details, based on conversations with a number of sources knowledgeable about the electric car industry.

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In a new poll that will come out Wednesday at 6:30 pm, NBC News reported today that their survey shows the American Jobs Act is slightly popular as a general concept, but Americans like the individual components of the plan by a wide margin.

From NBC’s First Read:

“When asked simply if Congress should pass the legislation or not, 30 percent of respondents answer yes, while 22 percent say no; 44 percent have no opinion. But when the legislation’s details are included in a follow-up question — that it would cut payroll taxes, fund new road construction, extend unemployment benefits, and that it would be paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthy — 63 percent say they favor the bill and 32 percent oppose it.”

New national poll numbers from Public Policy Polling (D) on the GOP primary dropped Wednesday, and they confirmed the huge momentum that businessman Herman Cain has had for more than a week: Cain leads the GOP field with 30 percent of primary voters and former Mass Gov. Mitt Romney is in second at 22 percent.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has passed Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has fallen badly in national polling. Gingrich is third in the PPP survey with 15 percent, and Perry drops to 14. Perry also gets crushed in direct matchups within the Republican primary, as PPP noted: “If the race beyond the early states came down to two candidates, Romney would have a modest 48-38 lead over Perry, and Cain a 48-36 one over Romney, but Cain would crush Perry, 55-27.”

“Cain’s the flavor of the week but with 70% of Republican voters either undecided or willing to change their minds this race is as wide open as it’s ever been,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling in a release.

Pennsylvania’s capital is asking for chapter 9 bankruptcy, citing the Harrisburg’s “overwhelming debt,” the AP reports:

The petition docketed by U.S. Middle District bankruptcy court Wednesday listed about $458 million in creditors and claims, and said the city faced “imminent jeopardy” from six pending legal actions by creditors related to a debt-saddled trash incinerator.

Technological advances like the touchscreen and the tablet computer aren't exactly designed nominally with visually impaired users in mind.

But thanks to one undergrad's brilliantly simple mobile application, touchscreen devices including the iPad, Android tablets and mobile phones can instantly become more accessible to visually impaired users, and can even replace the current next-best option: expensive, clunky, tactile-feedback Braille keyboards.

New Mexico State University senior Adam Duran won the top award at Stanford University's Army High-Performance Computing Research Center's 2011 summer contest for developing a touchscreen braille writer. (H/t: New Scientist)

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry has fallen hard in the polls over the last few weeks, and it continued Wednesday with a Rasmussen national survey: President Obama bests Perry 49 – 35 in a matchup.

Perry had previously been within striking distance in Rasmussen surveys. On October 3rd, Perry was down 43 – 37 in a similar poll.