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WASHINGTON — Despite a glimmer of hope on Tuesday, Congress fell right back into a stalemate with just two days to go before the Department of Homeland Security runs out of funding.

The chances of a partial government shutdown on Friday at midnight grew as the Republican-led House and Senate remained divided on the way forward.

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In 2013, Latonya Suggs came upon a commercial for Everest College on TV. The single mother from Cincinnati contacted the school, and then, she says, the recruiters harassed her until she enrolled. At first, the online school seemed flexible, but it began to feel isolating. She rarely spoke with a real person. She finished her associate’s degree in criminal justice in October, and wants to be a probation officer, but can’t find a job, and says the school hasn’t been much help. Suggs, who is now 28, has taken out more than $52,000 in loans for Everest, on top of $20,000 or so she’d already borrowed for a previous school.

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