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Four months ago, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump skipped out on a presidential debate hosted by Fox News to hold a fundraiser to benefit veterans organizations. Since then, the campaign has not made it clear exactly how much the event raised, or precisely which groups have benefitted.

Trump himself pledged at the event to give $1 million. He took credit for doing so and continued to allow the public to believe he had donated, even though it’s now clear he never did. It’s possible he actually never intended to, as it was only when The Washington Post finally cornered him this week about that falsehood that he belatedly coughed up the money.

Here's a timeline of the at times conflicting information disseminated by Trump and his campaign, and where media outlets have been able to track the donations so far:

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will announce Wednesday a lawsuit against the federal government over new guidelines on how schools should accommodate transgender students

Dallas television station WFAA first reported the news before Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) confirmed the lawsuit in a tweet.

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Ammon and Ryan Bundy want their Constitutional Rights –including the Second Amendment– to be recognized in jail and are considering suing the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to get them, according to a report from Oregon Public Broadcasting.

In documents filed Tuesday, the Bundys argued their constitutional rights are being infringed upon because they are not free to assemble nor are they free to practice their Mormon religion.

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