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Businessman Curt Clawson won the Republican primary for former Rep. Trey Radel's (R-FL) congressional seat, putting him into a good position to win the general election and succeed the congressman who was ousted from office for cocaine possession.

The Associated Press called the race for Clawson less than an hour after the polls closed. When it was called, Clawson had about 36.8 percent of the vote while Sarah Palin-endorsed Lizbeth Benacquisto, the Republican majority leader of the Florida state Senate, came in next with 27 percent of the vote. Former state Rep. Paige Kreegel came in third with about 25 percent of the vote.

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Politifact is calling foul on a recent attack ad by Sen. Kay Hagan's (D-NC) reelection campaign that attacks House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-NC) for calling Obamacare a "great idea."

The ad, released a week earlier, clips Tillis saying in a radio interview that Obamacare is a great idea. The problem is, as Politifact noted, that the attack ad only included part of what Tillis said. He actually said that Obamacare is a "great idea that can't be paid for."

Tillis has, nevertheless, taken hits by his opponents in the North Carolina Republican primary over the remarks.

Politifact noted that prior to making the "great idea" line Tillis discussed ways to repeal the bill. Politifact ruled that the ad focuses on a "severely edited quote" and said the ad was "Mostly False."

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House candidate and Wisconsin state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) on Tuesday said he would reintroduce legislation to ban affirmative action in the state following Tuesday's Supreme Court decision upholding Michigan's ban on factoring race into college admissions.

"People do not realize — the average person does not realize — how extensive race and gender preferences are in our society," he told the Journal Sentinel.

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) added his name to the list of Republicans bumping up against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over land acquisition.

On Tuesday Abbott, the Republican candidate for governor against Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis, sent a letter to the director of the Bureau of Land Management asking that his agency answer questions over the early stages of a plan to "regulate the use of federal lands along a 116-mile stretch of the Red River."

"As Attorney General of Texas, I am deeply troubled by reports from BLM field hearings that the federal government may claim — for the first time — that 90,000 acres of territory along the Red River now belong to the federal government," Abbott wrote.

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