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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke out for the first time Thursday on the police shooting of Michael Brown and the ensuing protests in Ferguson, Mo.

"Watching the recent funeral for Michael Brown, as a mother, as a human being, my heart just broke for his family," she said at a conference hosted by Nextenta, a software company, in San Francisco. "Because losing a child is every parent's greatest fear and an unimaginable loss. But I also grieve for that community and for many like it across our country."

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A former George Washington University president drew criticism Wednesday for doling out tired advice to college women: drink less in order to avoid sexual assault.

"Without making the victims responsible for what happens, one of the groups that have to be trained not to drink in excess are women. They need to be in a position to punch the guys in the nose if they misbehave," Dr. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said on The Diane Rehm Show during a discussion on fraternities and sororities.

Jezebel first noted Trachtenberg's remarks on Wednesday afternoon, calling his rape prevention solution "jaw-droppingly stupid."

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