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This has not been Chris Christie’s week. Which is really saying something.

On Tuesday, a Monmouth University (N.J.) poll showed support for the New Jersey governor tumbling into eighth place among likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters. Just 4% of the 467 people surveyed said Christie was their first choice; 24% said the same about Donald Trump.

Sure, there were details that might give solace. Nearly half the voters who reported meeting a candidate said they’d met Christie. And when asked about their second choices, 8% of the respondents said they’d back Christie. That’s the same number supporting Trump and Marco Rubio as a second choice, and two points behind how Jeb Bush and Scott Walker perform among voters asked the same question.

But let’s face it. This isn’t where Christie needs to be to execute a hoped-for northeastern sweep that will generate enough momentum to carry him to the 2016 GOP nomination. And that implausible (if mathematically intriguing) scenario was never Plan A. Christie’s support among Republicans collapsed in early 2014 after his inner circle’s involvement in Bridgegate came to light, and it never rebounded.

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Warren Buffett and his philanthropic foundation named for his wife, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, have given millions in donations to hospitals and family planning organizations to help fund research on contraception, specifically intrauterine devices or IUDs.

Though the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation largely keeps its donations anonymous, a Thursday report in Bloomberg Business revealed that the organization has funneled millions to fund better and more cost-effective methods of birth control.

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Bloomberg Politics' "With All Due Respect" won the morning Thursday with a boffo focus group of New Hampshire Trump supporters singing The Donald's praises as a "classy" commander-in-chief-in-waiting who is definitely "one of us," despite being worth billions of dollars. But one of the voters featured Wednesday night in the focus group told TPM that she's not a Trump supporter at all. And the same went for most of the other participants in the panel, according to the voter.

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With the Maine Supreme Court set to hold oral arguments Friday on whether Gov. Paul LePage (R) botched some 65 vetoes, the governor is making a new legal argument that -- if adopted by the court -- could send Maine into chaos.

Legislators are arguing that LePage missed the deadlines in early July to veto the bills in question and thus, the legislation was already law when LePage did finally returned the vetoes days later. LePage says the legislators had taken the type of formal adjournment that under the state Constitution would allow him to wait until the next time they reconvened to return the vetoes. Lawmakers say it was not an adjournment but an informal break that would have kept the clock ticking. History and custom is on the legislators' side, but the governor has asked for the court to settle the argument.

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