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Florida businessman Todd Wilcox is the latest Florida GOP Senate candidate to drop out of the race following Sen. Marco Rubio's decision to run for re-election, the the Palm Beach Post reported. His decision to withdraw sets up a primary showdown between Rubio and Carlos Beruff, a multimillionaire whose campaign has taken on Donald Trump-like quality with its anti-Washington, anti-immigrant rhetoric.

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The U.K. voted on Thursday to leave the European Union, favoring a campaign driven by a groundswell of nationalist, anti-immigrant sentiments that don't look so different from those powering Donald Trump's campaign.

While the vote sparked a global economic panic and drove Prime Minister David Cameron to announce he would step down, it was cause for major celebration among some American conservatives.

Here are just a few of their responses:

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Hillary Clinton said Friday that she respects Britain's decision to leave the European Union, but noted the "uncertainty" caused by the move shows how important the American presidential election is.

"We respect the choice the people of the United Kingdom have made. Our first task has to be to make sure that the economic uncertainty created by these events does not hurt working families here in America. We also have to make clear America's steadfast commitment to the special relationship with Britain and the transatlantic alliance with Europe," she said in a statement.

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