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NATO ambassadors are urging Turkish officials to resist escalating tensions with Russia after downing a Russian warplane.

In a private briefing, Reuters is reporting a handful of NATO allies expressed frustration the Turkish government chose to act so aggressively when it might have tried an alternative response like sending a plane to direct the Russian aircraft out of Turkish airspace.

"There are other ways of dealing with these kinds of incidents," one diplomat told Reuters.

Reuters, however, is reporting that no one "defended" Russia's alleged aggression as they asked Turkish officials to retain "cool-headedness."

President Obama called on Russia and Turkey to take steps to halt any military escalation after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane that allegedly entered its airspace Tuesday.

"Turkey–like every country–has a right to defend its country and its air space. I think it is very important right now that both the Russians and the Turks are talking to each other," Obama said at a White House press conference with French President François Hollande. Obama added that his "top priority" is ensuring "this does not escalate."

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit on Monday against Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) on behalf of the refugee agency that redirected a Syrian refugee family from Indiana to Connecticut at the request of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to keep the governor from withholding any state or federal refugee resettlement funds from Exodus Refugee Immigration, Inc., and states that Pence's rejection of refugees from Syria is unconstitutional.

"This lawsuit is calling out Governor Pence on his unconstitutional bluff," Judy Rabinovitz, deputy legal director of the ACLU's immigrants' rights project, said in a statement. "He does not have the power to pick and choose between which lawfully-admitted refugees he is willing to accept. Singling out Syrian refugees for exclusion from Indiana is not only ethically wrong, it is unconstitutional. Period."

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