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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana must list both spouses in lesbian marriages as parents on their children's birth certificates, a federal judge ruled Thursday, saying the state must end what she called a "discriminatory" practice of listing only the birth mother.

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A new poll reveals that Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is in the race of his Senate career against Democratic opponent Patty Judge.

Judge – the former lieutenant governor – is within striking distance of the seven-term senator, polling at 45 percent among likely voters compared to Grassley's 46 percent.

The Loras College poll released Thursday was its first since Trump and Clinton won their respective primaries. It suggested Grassley may be more vulnerable in his re-election after refusing to hold hearings on President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Christopher Budzisz, the director of the poll, also added that Republican nominee Donald Trump–who was trailing Hillary Clinton by double digits statewide in the poll, may also be a drag on Grassley.

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After several days of silence regarding the Supreme Court's ruling against a Texas anti-abortion law, Donald Trump on Thursday finally weighed in on the decision and claimed that such a ruling would not occur if he were to appoint the next Supreme Court justice.

"Now if we had — Scalia was living or if Scalia was replaced by me, you wouldn’t have had that. Okay? It would’ve been the opposite," Trump told conservative radio host Mike Gallagher.

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