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While House Republican leaders and the White House worked furiously to whip up support for the GOP's health care bill, President Donald Trump was busy tooting his own horn.

Well, a truck's horn.

Trump climbed into the driver's seat of a truck on the South lawn of the White House as he spoke with truck drivers and truck company CEOs about health care, according to various reports.

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Alice Ollstein contributed reporting.

They blinked.

In a major setback for the Republicans' years-long effort to repeal Obamacare, GOP leaders were forced to delay a House vote planned for Thursday as negotiations continued around the legislation. The delay comes after the conservative hardliners who have been resisting the legislation emerged from a meeting with President Donald Trump with no clear deal to win over their votes.

According to various reports, the floor vote on the American Health Care Act will be pushed until at least Friday, with a meeting with the full House GOP conference slated for Thursday evening, followed by a procedural vote to make way for the final bill.

As the White House negotiated Thursday with members of the conservative hardline House Freedom Caucus, more and more members of Republicans' moderate flank came out of the woodwork to say they oppose the repeal bill due to the rightward direction in which it was heading.

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The federal government agency that owns the building housing President Donald Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel has determined that it does not violate the terms of its lease.

The General Services Administration’s ruling comes as a huge blow for watchdog groups and Democrats who've charged that Trump’s presidency put his company in breach of the lease, which states that an elected official may not be involved with or benefit from the agreement.

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Tierney Sneed contributed reporting.

Moderate Republicans have voiced increasing opposition to the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare as House GOP leadership has bent over backwards to appease more conservative members' demands regarding the legislation. And in the past few days, a critical mass of moderates have come out as "no" votes on the American Health Care Act, signaling that it's not just hardliners' support that the bill's proponents need to lock down for an expected Thursday vote.

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