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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has written a letter to Target scolding the store for its policy allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice and asking the company about its policies to protect women in the bathroom, according to Fox News' Todd Starnes.

"It is possible that allowing men in women’s restrooms could lead to criminal and otherwise unwanted activity," Paxton wrote in the letter, according to Fox News. "As chief lawyer and law enforcement officer for the State of Texas, I ask that you provide the full text of Target’s safety policies regarding the protection of women and children from those who would use the cover of Target’s restroom policy for nefarious purposes."

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Donald Trump told the New York Times on Wednesday that Ben Carson will sit on his committee to help select a running mate now that the real estate mogul is the presumptive Republican nominee.

"I’ll set up a committee, and that I will do soon," Trump said when asked how he will choose a vice presidential running mate. "I think on the committee I’ll have Dr. Ben Carson and some other folks."

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Mitch McConnell is going to keep blocking President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland even if that means Donald Trump ultimately gets to fill the court vacancy.

In a statement to reporters Wednesday morning, McConnell spokesman Don Stewart said that nothing has changed and McConnell still plans to wait to 2017 to allow the Senate to vote on a Supreme Court nominee.

"While I'm glad to see Democrats concede that there won't be a Democrat in the White House next year, Republicans continue to believe that the American people should have a voice in this decision and the next president should make the nomination," Stewart said. "Despite the White House coordinating with liberal groups and millions of dollars in special-interest ads, no Republican has moved from their principled position."

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