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During a Monday night interview, CNN's Anderson Cooper pressed Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer on Donald Trump's insistence that he is winning the race despite polls showing otherwise, pushing Spicer to explain Trump's claims about "phony polls."

Cooper began by noting that Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton in a new CNN poll. In response, Spicer said that Trump is performing well in key battleground states like Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and Nevada.

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The Donald Trump campaign on Monday launched a nightly show on Facebook live with updates from the campaign's headquarters in Trump Tower.

Trump's Facebook page billed the video update as "nightly campaign coverage." In Monday night's live video, Trump advisers Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims began by interviewing campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who assured Trump supporters that he will win the presidential election. The campaign will start streaming each night around 6:30 p.m. ET to air Trump's rallies live and offer commentary on the campaign.

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In 2012, President Obama wanted voters to think about Democratic achievements under his watch when they showed up at the ballot box. In 2016, he wants voters to remember Republican havoc-wreaking – and specifically the kind of dark conspiracy theories, straight-up racism and weak-kneed GOP opposition that have fueled the candidacy of Donald Trump.

In a spree of campaign stops in recent days that have featured some particularly biting attacks on down-the-ballot Republicans, Obama is unleashed and unmuzzled.

In the last week, he was in Florida taunting Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for endorsing Trump after calling him a con artist. He led a “Heck no” chant from the stump in Nevada in support of Catherine Cortez Masto, the Democrat running against Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV) for Harry Reid’s seat. And at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in California, he laid into Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the former chair the House Oversight Committee who led a number of investigations into Obama administration pseudo-scandals. He couldn't resist, after the Issa campaign mailed fliers that suggested he had a productive relationship with Obama.

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