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The Democratic National Committee chastised GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush for saying he didn't think the Washington Redskins football team name was offensive.

In a statement released Wednesday, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (R-FL) called the team’s name a “racial slur” and said Bush’s comments were “extremely insulting to Native American people.”

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Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) said on Wednesday that even though the Senate passed a temporary funding bill that includes funds for Planned Parenthood, lawmakers should still work to defund the organization. He said that the government should instead help clinics that provide "legitimate care."

"I think it’s worth continuing to fight to defund. Taxpayer dollars should not be going to Planned Parenthood," he told Fox host Neil Cavuto. "I think our legislation makes a lot of sense. It says, not only do you not send taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood, but those tax dollars instead go to community health centers — there are a lot more of them than Planned Parenthood clinics; eight times more in the state of Ohio for instance — and they can provide the women’s health needs that are legitimate, that are needed."

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A new poll released by Winthrop University in South Carolina shows that many residents in the state changed their minds about whether the Confederate flag should fly on the state capitol grounds after the deadly shooting at a Charleston church in June.

In the poll released on Wednesday, 66 percent of South Carolina residents said the state legislature made the right decision to remove the flag from the statehouse grounds. And 41 percent of South Carolina residents said they approved of the flag flying at the statehouse grounds before this summer, while 49 percent said they disapproved before this summer.

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