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A Pennsylvania man fired two bullets at his neighbor's home on Friday and later told police that was the only way he knew how to unload a gun, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

A Middletown, Pa. resident heard gunshots outside of her home in Friday afternoon. She then discovered that a window on her porch door was shattered, according to the Courier Times.

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The College Board on Friday expressed support for the Colorado high school students protesting proposed county school board changes to the AP U.S. History course curriculum.

"The College Board's Advanced Placement Program® supports the actions taken by students in Jefferson County, Colorado to protest a school board member's request to censor aspects of the AP U.S. History course," the company said in a statement.

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HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong police used tear gas Sunday and warned of further measures as they tried to clear thousands of pro-democracy protesters gathered at government headquarters in a challenge to Beijing over its decision to restrict democratic reforms for the semiautonomous city.

After spending hours holding the protesters at bay, police lobbed canisters of tear gas into the crowd on Sunday evening. The searing fumes sent demonstrators fleeing down the road, but many came right back to continue their protest.

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NEW YORK (AP) — In poking fun at the Miss America pageant on the most recent episode of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," John Oliver reached for the comedic equivalent of low-hanging fruit. Then he veered into something wholly unexpected — investigative journalism.

His subsequent report questioning the pageant's scholarship program was the latest example of how Oliver has quickly moved beyond his roots at "The Daily Show" to produce something distinctive, and usually hilarious.

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"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace on Sunday broke it to conservative Dr. Ben Carson that he doesn't really have a chance in becoming president.

"You say, and this is a quote, 'The likelihood is strong' that you will run for president in 2016. Do you really want to spend the next two years begging people for money, shaking hands, eating a lot of bad meals, when I think you would agree, at best you are a distinct long shot?" Wallace asked Carson.

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The Secret Service was slow to realize that shots were indeed fired at the White House in November 2011, resulting in a poorly-conducted investigation, according to an extensive Washington Post report published on Saturday.

According to the Post, when the gunman fired shots at the White House, the Secret Service rushed to respond. But agents were then told to "stand down" because the Service believed the noise came from a construction site.

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