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A St. Louis police officer fatally shot a man brandishing a knife on Tuesday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The shooting put many on guard amid racially charged protests in nearby Ferguson, Mo., over the shooting of an unarmed black teen on Aug. 9. This incident, however, seems unrelated.

When police arrived on the scene in St. Louis, the suspect pulled out a knife. The suspect died on the scene after two officers fired their guns, according to the St. Louis police chief.

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Ferguson officials on Tuesday asked residents to stay at home at night so that peace could be restored and provided a list of actions the city is considering to improve its relationship with the community.

"It is our hope that as we continue to work for the well-being of Ferguson, residents will stay home at night, allow peace to settle in, and allow for the justice process to take its course," the city said in a statement, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "We owe it to our children to be able to return to school and work together peacefully for Ferguson’s future."

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A think tank whose official Twitter account told Amnesty International to "suck it" early Tuesday has blamed the lewd tweet on an intern.

A spokesman for the Center for Strategic and International Studies told TPM on Tuesday by email that he was "embarrassed about this unfortunate situation" and was working to reach out to Amnesty International with a more thorough apology.

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