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Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is joining the growing list of popular Republican governors -- many with presidential ambitions -- plagued by scandal in their administrations.

On Monday a state district judge named 12 jurors and two alternates to consider possible criminal charges against Perry. A day earlier Perry hired a high profile Austin-based defense lawyer to represent him. At the center of all this is an ongoing investigation over Perry vetoing funding for the Travis County District Attorney's office. The investigation has been called "Bridgegate West" by the Dallas Morning News, a reference to an investigation of corruption in New Jersey.

But Perry isn't alone among governors facing legal probes these days:

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As I argued in a December 2013 column here at TPM Cafe, a lot of the intra-Republican battles described as representing a “civil war” between “constitutional conservatives” or Tea Party members or “the base” on the one hand, and “Republican Establishment” chieftains or “pragmatists” or “moderates” on the other, are really arguments over strategy, tactics and rhetoric rather than ideology or principle.

And indeed, the less ideological Republicans, having lost the high moral ground to their more ferocious colleagues, rarely challenge conservative orthodoxy as normative for their party, generally offering prudential reasons for downplaying The True Faith as a matter of legislative gamesmanship or superior electability.

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Josh Romney on Tuesday tweeted a photo of his father, Mitt Romney, paying his taxes, alluding to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) charge during the 2012 election that Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes for ten years.

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Two days after Frazier Glenn Miller was accused of killing three people at Jewish community centers in Kansas, the Southern Poverty Law Center released audio recordings of Miller's 2013 calls to SPLC staff. In one of them, he claimed he had already "done a hell of a lot of violence on behalf of my race."

According to SPLC, Miller wanted a staff member to appear on a radio show associated with Vanguard News Network, a white supremacist website with the tagline: "No Jews. Just right." The calls were recorded by SPLC and released Tuesday.

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A blog post by tea party Senate candidate and state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R-MS) during his days as a radio host argued that the "welfare dependent citizens of New Orleans" were at fault for staying in the city during Hurricane Katrina.

The blog post was resurfaced by Buzzfeed on Tuesday, along with several other race-bating excerpts published from archives of a website associated with the show to which McDaniel contributed. The report comes on the heels of an ongoing string of resurfaced comments McDaniel made in his previous life as a right-wing pundit that have recently gotten new attention in light of his insurgent primary challenge against Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

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The New York Police Department has ended a program that sent plainclothes detectives into Muslim neighborhoods to eavesdrop and spy on individuals, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

The unit, known to many as the Demographics Unit, would track where people ate, prayed and shopped, according to the Times. The police mapped neighborhoods and kept detailed files on where people in traditional Islamic clothing went both in and out of the city.

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