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Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, suggested at a recent town hall event in Cerdarburg, Wisc., that Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei may be more trustworthy than President Obama when it comes to the nuclear deal.

"Now, a President who was awarded the 2013 Politifact Lie of the Year, if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, period. If you like your doctor you can keep it, period. They lied boldfaced to the American public repeatedly with Obamacare," Johnson said, according to a clip surfaced by Buzzfeed News on Tuesday.

"I don’t know, I hate to admit it, but in terms of this framework, do I trust President Obama, or do I trust the Ayatollah? In terms of what the framework actually says? I’m not so sure I’m trusting President Obama on this," Johnson continued.

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A New Jersey lawyer filed a lawsuit accusing a Sussex County sheriff's officer of putting a metal detector wand up her skirt when she visited the county jail in August, reported on Monday.

Bonita Bourke claims that after she set off the metal detector at the Sussex County jail, corrections officer Sean Long "inappropriately" put his detection wand in between her legs and up her skirt, according to

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