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The incoming Republican speaker of the Nevada Assembly wrote about the "master-slave relationship" between Democrats and blacks, while also referencing "simple minded darkies," according to a report published Thursday.

The Reno News & Review, an alternative weekly in the state's second city, picked through past newspaper columns written by Rep. Ira Hansen, who was designated as speaker by the Republicans who won control of the state's assembly on Election Day.

What the weekly said it found in the columns, which date back to 1994 and were reviewed on microfilm, were shocking views on a wide variety of issues -- but particularly race.

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MIT professor Jonathan Gruber has been a paid consultant for Vermont as it develops a single-payer health care system under Obamacare, but the state is cutting off his payments after the recent revelations about his past controversial statements.

The Burlington Free Press reported on Wednesday that Gruber had been working on a contract worth up to $400,000 to perform economic modeling for the state, the same kind of work he had done for the Obama administration as the Affordable Care Act was being drafted.

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