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In the years since he shot and killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, former Florida neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman has reportedly lived in fear.

That fear is so strong, his father reportedly told GQ magazine for its upcoming October issue, that he worries it may result in the shooting of some FBI agents.

Robert Zimmerman told GQ that his son is nervous about his safety in general after becoming the focus of national attention following the shooting. He also said his son is concerned about the possibility of being charged with federal civil rights violations, despite being acquitted on state criminal charges last year, according to the magazine.

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As he faces a strong independent challenger, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) is shuffling to his right. He has been deploying more heated rhetoric, invoking the specter of "national socialism" at a campaign event. He has been making calls to tea party leaders to galvanize support, after he nearly lost to one of their own, Milton Wolf, in his primary this year. Sarah Palin has appeared on the stump.

But will it be enough?

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An Arizona's state senator's vote for the infamous anti-LGBT discrimination bill that attracted national attention earlier this year is now being held against her in campaign ads.

The vote by state Sen. Michele Reagan (R), who is now running for secretary of state, is the subject of a new ad from her Democratic opponent Terry Goddard, a former state attorney general. In the ad, which the Goddard campaign plans to spend six figures on, a lesbian couple lambasts Reagan for Senate Bill 1062, which would have allowed discrimination based on deeply held religious beliefs.

"But state senator Reagan voted for that hateful legislation and stood with those who would make us second-class citizens," one of women says.

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