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GENEVA (AP) — The U.N.'s top human rights official has told diplomats that Israel's military and Hamas militants appear to have violated international humanitarian law and might have committed war crimes during their two-week war in the Gaza Strip.

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There was a time that keeping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb would have been considered a worthy goal, even a unifying principle. And even though the recent round of P5+1 negotiations with Iran did not result in a big diplomatic deal, Iran is further away from having the bomb now than they were when Barack Obama took office. As shocking as it may be to Americans used to a steady diet of bad international news about ISIL, Gaza, Ukraine, and Boko Haram, an extension of our nuclear deal with Iran is good news.

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The Obama administration caught a glimpse of the worst-case scenario for the president's signature health care law on Tuesday in a ruling by a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C.

The ruling will be appealed, but even if it ends up being upheld, policy experts told TPM that it might be fairly easy for the administration to craft a workaround to keep a key piece of the law from falling apart.

The D.C. federal appeals court initially appeared to throw a stunning legal blow to Obamacare with its decision to invalidate financial subsidies offered through The loss of those subsidies could affect 4.7 million people and send premiums skyrocketing. But the ruling was quickly tempered by a separate appeals court ruling that upheld the subsidies in another case.

Either way, the legal case is far from over and likely to work its way through another court panel or two before possibly heading to the Supreme Court.

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