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Donald Trump is the last man standing to be the Republican presidential nominee after Tuesday's Indiana primary, after beating out more than a dozen other contenders throughout the campaign. Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus called for the party to rally behind Trump in the wake of his decisive Hoosier State victory, but comments from elected Republicans show not everyone is ready to jump on board the "#TrumpTrain" just yet.

Here's a roundup of where elected GOP officials stand on their party's presumptive nominee:

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FLINT, Mich. (AP) — Sipping filtered city water to show it's again drinkable, President Barack Obama promised Wednesday to ride herd on leaders at all levels of government until every drop of water flowing into homes in Flint, Michigan, is safe to use.

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It’s been a bleak day for team #NeverTrump.

The movement’s namesake nemesis, Donald Trump, finally shoved Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) out of the race Tuesday night with a double-digit primary win in Indiana, cementing himself as the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a long-shot challenger, was expected to leave the race Wednesday afternoon.

Now, the pundits who have for months railed against the billionaire are left with a hard pill to swallow: fall in line and vote Trump, stay home on Election Day or cast a protest vote for the Democratic nominee. Here are some of the most prominent #NeverTrump faces still holding the line.

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