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In case you thought Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) hadn't been sufficiently clear about his position on climate and energy legislation, he now has new reasons to declare it dead--at least for now.

In a new statement to reporters, Graham says that, in addition to Democrats' new push on immigration reform, the oil spill in the gulf has made passing a climate and energy bill this year "impossible."

"Some believe the oil spill has enhanced the chances energy legislation will succeed," Graham said. "I do not share their view."

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CIA Agent Andrew Warren was already on probation on charges that he had sex with a drugged woman in Algeria, where he was serving as CIA station chief, before breaking down in Virginia last month in what sounds like an epic unraveling.

According to a new federal court filing, Warren allegedly exposed himself to a woman, lied about his name and social security number when confronted by police about it, and said he had a "Glock service weapon" (that he refused to show police). And then, during a conversation with police at his home on April 3:

Warren then proceeded to show the officer a disguise kit and said that he could use it to hide from anyone because he had been trained by the CIA. Warren told the officer that he had been trained in the martial arts, all types of weapons and spoke eight Arabic languages. During this communication, the officer reported that Warren took down the officers' names and unit numbers and stated words to the effect of "it will be different the next time I meet with you".

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National Democrats may end up abandoning the HI-01 special election, the Associated Press reports -- potentially ceding a seat to the Republicans that President Obama carried with 70% of the vote -- due to the vote-splitting of the two Democratic candidates, former Rep. Ed Case and state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa.

"It's an extremely difficult race, since two Democratic candidates are splitting the vote," said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD). "The local Democrats haven't been able to come together and resolve that, so we'll have to re-evaluate our participation."

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Former Rep. Ed Case (D-HI), one of the two Democratic candidates in the HI-01 special election, has a new ad in which he ties himself to President Obama, the very popular favorite son in this state -- and practically claims the White House's endorsement in a race that could see the Dems lose a safe seat due to a split vote.

"Now Washington Republicans want him [Obama] to fail. And they'll use Charles Djou to help them. Djou actually said he'll be the 'exact opposite' of Obama," the announcer says. "Only one candidate is strong enough to stand with the president -- Ed Case. The White House believes Ed Case has the best chance of beating Djou, and moving America forward. Ed Case, President Obama -- putting Hawaii first."

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The Senate Ethics committee's investigation of the John Ensign sex-and-lobbying scandal is in full swing.

Investigators for the panel were holed up in a Las Vegas hotel yesterday, where they interviewed several key figures in the case, KLAS-TV reports. A woman "who looks just like" Cynthia Hampton, Ensign's former mistress, was seen entering the hotel, accompanied by her husband's lawyer, Dan Albregts, says the station. She stayed for two hours.

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Appearing on MSNBC moments ago, Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano said the most disturbing part of the Times Square bomb scare is the "pattern" of U.S. citizens becoming radicalized and plotting attacks.

Asked by Savannah Guthrie about the most disturbing part of the Times Square case -- in which naturalized U.S. citizen Faisal Shahzad has been charged -- Napolitano answered:

It's very consistent with a pattern that we're beginning to see, which are individuals in the United States, U.S. citizens who have been living relatively peaceful lives, who somehow become radicalized to the point of violence and attack. And how this process works and how is the best way to interrupt it and intervene it is still a work in progress.

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GOP: Dems 'Lucky' In Arrest of Shahzad The Washington Post reports that Republicans are spinning the government's arrest of Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad as a product of luck, rather than any effectiveness on the part of the Obama administration. "Yes, we have been lucky," House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) said Thursday, "but luck is not an effective strategy for fighting terrorism."

Obama's Day Ahead President Obama will make a statement at 11 a.m. ET, on the monthly job numbers. Joining him will be Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Budget Director Peter Orszag, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Romer and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers. There are no other public events scheduled.

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It was supposed to be a GOP ideas factory that would fill the leadership vacuum on the right after Barack Obama's landslide election. The National Council for a New America was supposed to be, in the words of founder Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), "a conversation with the American people" to "develop innovative solutions that meet the serious challenges confronting our country."

But, Roll Call reports, the group is now dead one year after it launched to what, in hindsight, appears to be excessive media coverage of an entity that hadn't actually done anything.

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