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PHILADELPHIA-- Leon Panetta, the former CIA director and Defense secretary, slammed Donald Trump and the comments that he made Wednesday suggesting the Russians should hack Hillary Clinton's emails and release them publicly.

"In my over 50 years in public life, this is the screwiest damn election I've ever seen," Panetta said.

After noting that he had served under nine presidents, Republican and Democratic, Panetta said, "This is the first election where there's only one candidate who has the experience, temperament, the understanding of the world to be commander-in-chief."

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During an unprecedented off-the-rails press conference Wednesday, Donald Trump fielded several questions about his business ties with Russia, but the candidate never answered the essential question — whether Russian business entities are invested in Trump or his projects.

He repeatedly said that he has "nothing to do with Russia," despite several different variations on the questions from the journalists present at the Trump resort in Doral, Florida.

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