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WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump's advisers are urging him to keep his cool during next week's presidential debate and resist attempts by Hillary Clinton to provoke him with questions about his business record, wealth or controversial comments about minorities.

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During a campaign rally in Aston, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, Donald Trump dismissed the "narrative of cops as a racist force" and said that those who push that narrative, including Hillary Clinton, contribute to unrest following fatal police shootings.

"Those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society — and this is a narrative that is supported with a nod by my opponent, you see what she’s saying, and it’s not good — share responsibly and the unrest that is afflicting our country and hurting those who have really the very least," Trump said, according to the Washington Post.

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Clinton Postpones Trip To Charlotte

In a statement released Friday evening, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced that the Democratic nominee…