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The Republican National Committee denied Thursday violating a decades-old consent decree that limits RNC "ballot security" activities which Democrats say amount to minority voter intimidation, and dismissed Democratic efforts in a court filing this week to have the RNC held in contempt of court.

"The filing is completely meritless," RNC spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said in a statement to TPM Thursday. "Just as in all prior elections in which the consent decree was in effect, the RNC strictly abides by the consent decree and does not take part directly or indirectly in any efforts to prevent or remedy vote fraud."

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Correction: The original version of this post misattributed a quote to Defense Secretary Ash Carter. Jeff McCausland, a retired Army colonel and former dean at the Army War College, said Trump didn’t "know a damn thing about military strategy.” TPM regrets the error.

Responding to a retired Army colonel who claimed Donald Trump didn’t “know a damn thing about military strategy,” the Republican nominee said “I’ll teach him a couple of things.”

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A New York state court on Wednesday ruled that Exxon Mobil and its auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, must comply with the state attorney general's subpoena for documents as part of the state's financial fraud investigation.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been investigating whether Exxon withheld information from investors about what the company knew about climate change and how it could impact its business.

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