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Donald Trump has gotten himself in trouble at various points in his campaign for playing songs by musical acts who didn't approve of their use at his rallies. Most recently, he was excoriated by the producer of the film "Air Force One" for walking out on the Republican National Convention stage Thursday to the movie's iconic theme song.

The criticism isn't anything new. Every election cycle comes with its own round of complaints from composers who don't want their music played by a political candidate whose ideals they don't share. A candidate needs a license to play a song at a public event, which former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee didn't have when he infamously played Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger" last year at an event with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis.

Here's where it gets blurry: even if a candidate has the rights to play certain music, the composer of the song still may be able to prevent it from being played if he or she desires.

"Once you have the license in place you can play anything and publicly perform it," entertainment lawyer Steve Gordon told TPM. "The artist still can have an objection because although you have the license to play music, you didn’t get his permission."

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Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort said Wednesday morning that Trump does not have business interests in Russia, but his answers to questions about Trump's relationship to Russia during an interview with CBS' "This Morning" were vague and left unanswered some of the remaining questions about the extent of Trump's financial ties with Russian interests.

"Trump tweeted yesterday that he has zero investments in Russia, but does Russia have investments in Trump? Would Mr. Trump be willing to release his tax returns to provide transparency on this issue?" CBS' Norah O'Donnell asked Manafort Wednesday morning.

"Mr. Trump has said that his taxes are under audit, and he will not be releasing them," Manafort said in response. "It has nothing to do with Russia. It has nothing to do with any country other than the United States and his normal tax auditing processes."

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Paul Manafort, chair of the Donald Trump campaign, said on Wednesday morning that Trump still has no plans to release his tax returns despite questions about potential business dealings with Russian interests.

During an interview on CBS' "This Morning," co-host Norah O'Donnell noted that Trump has said that he does not have any investments in Russia.

"But does Russia have investments in Trump?" she then asked. "Would Mr. Trump be willing to release his tax returns to provide transparency on this issue?"

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