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The North Carolina Republican Party published a tweet on Wednesday criticizing vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) for wearing a "Honduras flag pin" during his Democratic convention speech, calling it "shameful" that he would wear another country's flag without a pin representing America.

But there was one glaring problem with the North Carolina GOP's attack: Kaine was actually wearing a pin bearing the symbol for Blue Star Families, a group for families with members who serve in the military. Kaine's son Nathaniel Kaine serves in the Marines and was recently deployed to Eastern Europe.

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Melania Trump's professional website has disappeared from the Internet following questions about whether Trump actually earned a college degree, according to the Huffington Post.

Her website,, was no longer accessible as of Wednesday afternoon, the Huffington Post reported. The URL now redirects to the website for the Trump Organization.

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Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) wrote a letter to President Obama on Wednesday, asking him to keep Donald Trump from receiving classified intelligence briefings, citing the Republican nominee's Wednesday comments asking Russia to release Hillary Clinton's emails.

"It is my belief that these statements, when considered in the broader context of the Republican nominee’s prior conduct, warrant a re-examination of his access to this sensitive intelligence," Cicilline wrote in the letter. "These remarks reflect more than just a lack of good judgment—it is an explicit call for intervention from an adversarial foreign power to undermine the American democratic process, and represents an action just short of outright treason."

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PARIS (AP) — Officials on Thursday identified the second man who attacked a Normandy church during a morning Mass this week, saying he is a 19-year-old from eastern France who was spotted last month in Turkey as he supposedly headed to Syria — but who returned to France instead.

The prosecutor's office identified him as Abdel-Malik Nabil Petitjean following DNA tests. A security official confirmed that he was the unidentified man pictured on a photo distributed to police four days earlier with a warning that he could be planning an attack.

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Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday night defended his comments from earlier this week that the slaves who helped build the White House were "well fed," lashing out against his critics.

During his show on Wednesday night, O'Reilly said that his comments on the slaves who helped build the White House were "100 percent accurate" and provided "context" to First Lady Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic convention. He said that it was "not a defense of slavery."

"For doing that, I was immediately attacked by smear merchants," he said. "It is a given that slavery is an abomination, but reporting the story behind Mrs. Obama’s very valid points does not diminish the horror of enslavement as these dishonest critics allege."

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In an interview that aired Thursday morning on "Fox and Friends," Donald Trump said he was not being serious when he called on Russia to find and release emails deleted by Hillary Clinton.

Fox News' Brian Kilmeade told Trump that Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said that Trump's comments hoping Russia would hack into Clinton's server were a national security issue.

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