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In a dramatic escalation of a long legal battle between the national Democratic and Republican parties – and in what is arguably a fitting culmination to the year of Donald Trump – the Democratic National Committee is asking a federal court to hold the Republican National Committee in contempt of court for allegedly violating a decades-old consent decree limiting so-called "ballot security" activities at poll places.

The Democrats' filing Wednesday, among other things, ask that the consent decree -- which is set to expire Dec. 17 -- be extended for another eight years. The DNC is also asking the court to block any coordination between Trump and the RNC as it relates to Election Day poll monitoring activities that many fear will amount to voter intimidation.

The legal move by the DNC comes in response to Donald Trump's calls for vigilante "poll watchers" to come out in force nationwide on Election Day. The RNC had hoped to be freed from the consent decree as soon as next year, and Trump's actions now threaten to hobble the GOP for nearly another decade, if Democrats have their way.

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As Indiana state police continue their investigation into alleged voter fraud in the state, one county prosecutor is saying widespread talk of voter fraud is "without merit."

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, a Democrat, told the Indianapolis Star in a statement that accusations of voter fraud "are premature" as state cops are still investigating. Curry specifically called on investigators to stop discussing the investigation until it is finished.

"Confidentiality is important to allow investigators to continue their work independently and to avoid material prejudice in the matter," Curry said in his statement, according to the AP.

State Police Superintendent Doug Carter had been vocal about charges of voter fraud and had appeared on local TV saying, "There's voter fraud and voter forgery in every state of America.”

Curry said in his statement he was worried that investigators were making statements about the alleged voter fraud case before the evidence was actually in and encouraged the state police to stop speaking publicly about the investigation until they have finished their work.

Indiana State Police raided a voter registration office in the state earlier this month and confiscated computers, cell phones and other records there as they said they were looking into potential allegations of voter registration fraud by the Indiana Voter Registration Project. The group focused on registering African-American voters. The raid was considered unusual by voting rights experts TPM talked to at the time.

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