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The Hillary Clinton campaign is expected to begin rolling out its announcement of Clinton's vice presidential running mate on Friday afternoon, multiple news outlets reported on Friday.

The exact timing isn't clear, but Clinton will first announce her choice in a text message or email to supporters on Friday afternoon, according to the New York Times and CNN.

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Munich police are using the term "suspected terrorism" in connection with the shooting at a city mall.

MUNICH (AP) — Police warned people to stay indoors Friday as they hunted for whoever opened fire at a Munich shopping mall, killing eight people and wounding others in a rampage they described as suspected terrorism.

"At the moment no culprit has been arrested," police in the Bavarian capital said on social media. "The search is taking place at high speed."

Germany's elite GSG9 anti-terror police, as well as federal police, were called in to help.

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To some in the conservative wing of the Republican Party, Donald Trump officially accepting the party's presidential nomination on Thursday was even more apocalyptic than the tone of his speech, with many mourning the loss of their Grand Old Party.

Here are just a few reactions from conservatives preaching doom-and-gloom about Trump's ascendance to party standard-bearer.

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