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'You Guys Are Behind This': Eric Holder Says Daily Caller Pushing For His Resignation


The Daily Caller has been calling up offices on Capitol Hill to solicit the opinions of Republicans on whether Holder should resign over the operation -- which let guns flow across the border. While there's been no evidence that Holder knew about the flawed strategy of letting guns "walk" in order to learn where they would end up, some Republicans have called on him to resign.

The Daily Caller's first report on their canvass of Capitol Hill was about just four members of Congress who were on board with calling for Holder's resignation. When they got to eight, they declared it evidence his "tenure in the Obama administration may be coming to an end." Over time, the number has grown above 50. Holder still has the support of the White House and there's no indication his resignation is coming anytime soon.

As TPM has been reporting, problems with "gun walking" in ATF's Phoenix office predate the Obama administration.

[Correction: A previous version of this story related a word of Holder's quote that TPM misheard. It has been corrected.]