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Witness: Sparkman Was Bound, Gagged, And Naked When Found


Sparkman's death has still not been officially classified a homicide, but Weaver has no doubts. "He was murdered," he told the AP.

The word "Fed" was written on Sparkman's chest, setting off speculation last week that the Census worker and part-time schoolteacher was killed in an act of anti-government sentiment.

Sources also told the AP that Sparkman's Census Bureau ID was found taped to his head and shoulder area -- a detail which may add to that speculation.

And as was reported last week, Sparkman also had a rope around his neck which was attached to a tree, though his feet were touching the ground.

According to Weaver, a 2003 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck, containing Sparkman's clothes, was about 50 yards from the body.

Weaver called the whole thing "a bad, bad scene."

There has been no official word as to when the investigation into Sparkman's death will be completed.