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Voter Registration Group Targeted By TX Tea Party Group Received Threats (VIDEO)


"i hope everyone of you American hating A-holes are thrown in prison for cheating our country and trying to assure socialism.GO TO HELL."

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"Citizen's from all over Texas will be coming to Houston to watch you fraudulent Marxist pigs. Be forewarned, you will be watched at every turn, and your corrupt Marxist organization will be targeted!"

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Houston Votes was targeted by the Texas Tea Party group King Street Patriots in their so-called anti-voter fraud effort "True The Vote." At one meeting, King Street Patriots leader Catherine Engelbrecht even went as far to as to accuse the group of being the headquarters of the New Black Panther Party.

Texas Democrats has since sued Leo Vasquez, the Republican Tax Assessor Collector for Harris County, after he held a press conference accusing the group of voter fraud based on KSP's claims -- a press conference that, in fact, featured members of the the King Street Patriots.

True The Vote also put together a video raising the threat of voter fraud which features soaring music. "Think it can't happen in your town? Think again!" reads one message. "Our elections are being manipulated. By the RADICAL LEFT," the video says.

The video originally featured a doctored photo of an African-American voter holding a poorly photoshopped sign -- featuring Comic Sans font -- that read "I only got to vote once." That part of the video has since been edited out.

Watch the edited video:

The U.S. Justice Department is currently gathering information about alleged incidents of voter intimidation in Harris County, where the King Street Patriots is reportedly part of a broad GOP effort to recruit poll-watchers.

(Ed. note: This story has been corrected.)