VA Gov Taps Nixon’s ‘Jew Counter’ To Help Shrink State Gov’t


Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) needed someone to reform his state’s government and shrink its budget. So who’s he turning to? Fred Malek: right-wing insider and former President Richard Nixon’s “Jew counter.”

On Friday, McDonnell released a list of 31 names — the members of his “Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring,” which, according to the Washington Post, “will consider closing some of the state’s 130 agencies” and will “consider selling the state’s 350 liquor stores.”And as Think Progress points out, the leader of that commission is none other than Malek.

Decades ago, worried about a “Jewish cabal” in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nixon ordered Malek to prepare a list of Jews in the bureau.

Malek has since become a wealthy investor, and is active in Republican politics. He was George H.W. Bush’s campaign manager in 1992, John McCain’s national finance co-chair in 2008, has served as a Palin adviser, and is on the board of the new American Action Network.

And now it’s onto Virginia…