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Top Tea Partier Who Held Racist Sign Wonders Why He Can't Get Calls Returned


Dale Robertson, who runs, tells the paper:

I have called into the RNC many times, and they still haven't called me back. I've called them, lots of times. I called them this morning. I called them yesterday. It's like they ignore you as they try to figure out a strategy on how to defeat you.

But here's one possible reason -- which doesn't seem to have occurred to Robertson or the Times -- for the lack of love from Michael Steele and Co.:

This photo of the Houston-based Tea Partier holding a sign that compares taxpayers to "niggars" -- which led Robertson's local Tea Party group to cut ties with him. (As we reported recently, Robertson appears later to have photo-shopped the sign to a milder message -- which you can see above -- and posted it on his site. It's since been removed.)

Seems like that might have something to do with it.

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