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Foggo: “No Idea” CIA Contractor Was Actually Wilkes
The CIA awarded accused briber Brent Wilkes a $3 million contract to deliver bottled water to its operatives in Iraq, via his company, Archer Logistics. Foggo — Wilkes’ best friend, and CIA logistics manager for the Middle East — says now he had “no idea” Wilkes owned Archer Logistics. (NYTimes)Foggo told CIA Officials: “We’re All Purple”
There’s little proof more clear that Goss and his aides viewed the CIA as a highly partisan political agency than a comment reportedly made by his former #3, Dusty Foggo. Foggo is said to have tried to urge “unity” at the agency by telling his employees that there’s no GOP Red or Democratic Blue at the agency — instead, “We’re all purple.” (WPost)

NSA Collected Phone Records in U.S., Lott Says
Senator Trent Lott, a Mississippi Republican, told reporters he was briefed on the program and said the U.S. needs “to use modern technological tools” to defeat terrorists. (Bloomberg)

Telcos Could Be Liable For Tens of Billions of Dollars For Illegally Turning Over Phone Records
This morning, USA Today reported that three telecommunications companies – AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth – provided “phone call records of tens of millions of Americans” to the National Security Agency. Such conduct appears to be illegal and could make the telco firms liable for tens of billions of dollars. (ThinkProgress)

NSA Database Revelations May Complicate Hayden Nomination
Some GOPers came to the White House’s defense, while others — notably Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) — decried the secret program and called for hearings. (WPost)

Ethics Panel Offers Guidance on Lawmakers’ Trips
Wondering if that Scottish golf junket is allowable under Congressional rules? The House ethics committee is trying to get members to adopt an “ask first, fly second” policy, offering discreet guidance on whether or not a trip will get them in hot water. (Boston Globe)

Lewis Faces Federal Probe
Following up on the LATimes story yesterday, the Post confirms it: House Approps Chair Jerry Lewis (R-CA) is drawing the interest of federal investigators, and it’s not because he has mysteriously shiny teeth. (WPost)

HUD chief: Right list leads to government cash
“That’s how government works. Once you get the contract, they just keep giving you tax dollars.” (Dallas Business Journal, ThinkProgress)

More Questions About a Goss Aide
The number three official at the Central Intelligence Agency, who announced this week he is stepping down as his boss Director Porter Goss leaves later this month, cleared defense contractor Brent Wilkes in for at least one visit to CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., within the last 12 months. (Time)

Foggo’s “Playpen”
Wilkes according to two sources kept an office — a “playpen” — for Foggo at ADCS full of the “Sharper Image” type technological gadgets that Foggo apparently loved. (War&Piece)

House Appropriations Chairman Is Facing Federal Investigation
This Post story pretty much just confirms Thursday’s LA Times story that Rep. Jerry Lewis is under investigation. (WaPo)

The Golf Junket that Haunts Abramoff and Friends
When it comes to the world of Washington lobbying, golf seems to bring out the worst in people. At least that’s the impression you get from the Abramoff e-mails, hundreds of thousands of which have been obtained by federal investigators. (Time)

Phonegate: Jamming Democrats’ Campaign Efforts
Here’s an NPR report on the New Hampshire Phone Jamming scandal. (NPR)

Prosecutors Ask for Two-Year Sentence in Phone Jamming Case
Tobin is facing a max seven year sentence for blocking Democratic volunteers’ phone lines. (Boston Globe)