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Tea Party Nation Founder: Obama Wants China To Fund His Campaign Like Hamas Did In '08


In a post called "Obama to sell America to China," Phillips asks about Chinese President Hu Jintao: "The question is, did he come simply as a head of state or as the leader of the country that is going to buy the United States?" He continues: "Both Obama and Hu have the same vision for the future of America. They both want to see America as a weakened, impotent power, incapable of doing anything without international assistance."

Phillips also wonders why the Chinese President has chosen to visit Chicago as part of his visit: "What does Chicago have that could be so interesting to Hu? Could it be the Obama reelection headquarters?"

"Obama is desperate for cash," Phillips writes. "The Washington Post has predicted his reelection campaign could cost $1 billion dollars. Where can he get that kind of cash?"

The party of treason has never been shy about taking foreign cash, even though it's illegal. In 2008, Obama even received campaign contributions from Gaza (I.e. Hamas). So where does a corrupt, unpopular President from the party of treason go for reelection cash? China, of course.

Phillips is referring to a theory disseminated by the anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller in 2008 that Obama had received campaign contributions from residents of Gaza. The theory was picked up and hyped-up by a number of right-wing blogs.

Phillips is also known for arguing that the U.S. should get rid of the "socialist" Methodist church, and that it's "a wise idea" to only let property owners vote.