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Tea Party Fundraising Email Shows Obama As Pimp


The photograph below -- showing the president as a stereotypical African-American pimp, sporting a pencil-thin mustache and a zebra-striped, fur-brimmed fedora, complete with a feather -- illustrated the theme:

The email goes on to explain that Democrats still plan to pass health-care reform despite Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts. It asks readers to send faxes to Congress, and to donate to And it contains an exhortatory quote from Robertson, identified as the group's "President/Founder": "I am greatly encouraged with the progress of the Tea Party, but our work has just begun!"

After a photograph emerged of Robertson holding a sign that referred to taxpayers as "niggars," Houston Tea Party activists distanced themselves from him. The photo later appeared on his own site, with the offensive message photoshopped out (you can see the photoshopped image at the top of this post).

Robertson recently complained that the RNC hadn't returned his calls. This latest move probably won't help.