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Tea Partier: 'Boycott The National Tea Party Convention'


Brooks's video also voices fears that the Republican Party aims to move in and co-opt the Tea Party movement. "We must not allow the Tea Parties and other patriotic grassroots movement to be hijacked by the GOP," it warns.


Several Tea Party activists have recently accused Phillips of seeking to profit financially from the convention, at which Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are scheduled to speak. And a major sponsor recently pulled out, citing concerns over the financial arrangements. And RedState founder Erick Erickson wrote that the confab "smelled scammy."

But Brooks's ambitions appear to extend beyond criticizing Phillips and the convention. He also calls urges activists to "challenge the two-party corruption," and promotes an outfit known as GOOOH, or "Get Out Of Our House," which aims to unseat incumbent lawmakers of both parties this fall.