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Tackled Wisconsin Representative Decries 'Armed-Palace Environment' At Capitol


Milroy said he has been "extremely frustrated by Gov. Walker's lockdown of the Capitol this week." For two days, he said, he has held office hours outside, "in the cold."

"No lawmaker should have to go to that extent to talk to the people he represents, and the citizens of Wisconsin should have access to the people they elected to represent them," Milroy said. "This armed-palace environment created by Gov. Walker has everyone feeling very tense and emotions are running high."

Despite the incident last night, Milroy credited the officers who "worked to diffuse the situation," and he also praised Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs for "skillfully" working to clear the building after hours.

"Overall, law enforcement has done an excellent job in a ridiculous situation," Milroy wrote. "They are simply following the orders of Governor Walker."

Read the whole statement here.

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