Signing Off


As Josh writes, just short of my three thousandth post at TPMm I am raising my rake and roaming on to other mucky pastures.

One thing I’ve learned here at TPM is to appreciate Josh’s ability to put things better than I could. And in his typically generous spirit, he has.

But I also wanted to take a moment to thank the thousands of TPM readers who have commented on posts, sent in tips, or joined me on doc dump dives, and especially those special few dogged readers (you know who you are) whose muckraking have managed to regularly make me look good on countless occasions. There are a number of things that make working at TPM unique and special, but the experience of such an engaged and intelligent readership has impressed me the most.

I hope you’ll check in at ProPublica next month. But you can be sure that TPMm won’t miss a beat.